Maria Duval on Psychic communication

Psychic linking is a natural talent most of us possess. You can call it extra sensory perception and there are scientists who have proved that ESP truly exists in us. The only question is how to increase ESP power after acknowledging its existence.

Firstly understand that these psychic powers in us are drawn from a natural source of energy that is prevalent everywhere. The easiest way to connect to this source of psychic energy is by meditation which builds the psychic energy up in a person.

So the next step after meditating to do another meditation to cleanse and balance the energy centres of a person's body known as chakras. Maria Duval also teaches people how to cleanse, balance and harmonise our seven chakras. Through this activity, one can increase psychic communication.

Another way in how to improve your psychic communication is mental attunement. Here you are involved in centering your awareness to reach out to the Cosmic universal energy and intelligence through your higher self called inner guide.

As you begin doing readings, be sure to guard your thoughts so that you don't fall into the trap of believing you have special powers, everyone possesses psychic powers it is their choice whether they acknowledge them or not.


Maria Duval - the "high invisible wall" blocking us

Maria Duval thinks that since your early days as a little child, you have been influenced by many bad negative remarks thrown in your directions by your friends, even families and teachers. The fact is, you just have to let these grievances go and do not blame them as it is not their fault at all.

As a result of these negative remarks, somehow, you are led to believe that they are true as you grow up. It has affected you in terms of mental development and behaviour, all without you know it. The cycle goes on and you are also responsible for sowing negative remarks on other people. Maria Duval knows this is done unwitting and is "part of growing up". There is not much harm involved but your probably don't realise that what you were doing to others inadvertently are actually the causes of presumably poor states you are in today.

But what Maria Duval wishes you to understand is that this negative remarks and pessimistic attitude towards life have gradually separated you from the gifts you have received at birth which is the great level of intuition that was so powerful that every child can be said to have clairvoyant and psychic abilities.

Through years, these negative attitudes have resulted in layers of "invisible walls" stacking higher and higher, until this "wall" virtually obstructs positive energies that are coming your way.


Do not blame others for own misfortunes

Many people are experiencing a lot of hardship and failures in life and Maria Duval thinks this is because they are lack of the understanding of actual universal principles that control successes in life.

I guess you have probably heard people you meet complaining and whining about the unfairness of life that bites them hard in reality. The more they talk about, the more hardship seems to come into their lives. The common factor is to all these kind of complains is that people blame others rather than themselves for own misfortunes.

A thing that is sure of is that, most of the time, they are in the dark about the fact that they are victims of the so called "self bewitchment". This means they bring negative forces into own lives by releasing negative thought patterns in to Universe.

Maria Duval has taught me that there is a sacred spiritual law that governs all which says that like energies are attracted. This also means negative energies that go out will bring back even more negative energies into own life. As a result, there is a spiritual obstruction that curbs that positive events from being realised in their lives. How sad that is, isn't it?

All these misfortunes are therefore results of own follies for continuously accumulating a lot of negative energies into own life.

Maria Duval says it is very important to know this principle even if you think you are a very positive person.


Maria Duval on Intuition and Letting Go.

Another concept to foster happier and more prosperous life is known as Intuition. This is a common topic here and I am very excited to write about it over and over again. Just to recap, the previous concept to have happier life is Letting Go.

Maria Duval adds that letting go and intuition are in the same family of spirituality, as this constant practice of forgetting and letting go enhances your sense of intuition and through this sense, it results in an easier emotion of letting go. Therefore, both are linked, no doubt about that, and it is highly recommended that one to work with both of these energies at the same time.

Maria Duval has said repeatedly she will guide a person who is serious about letting go and having a new lease of life to happiness and prosperity. Maria is able to use her gift of telepathy to help and guide you so that you can have a more effective duration of time learning these two kinds of psychic energies.

Well, Maria Duval expects you to follow her instruction and put in some self effort to upgrade yourself well when she has linked to you. It is through her guidance that I learn and improve my life consciously.

By definition, intuition means something of an instinctive understanding and perception. Through this instinct, one can gain an immediate grasp of the situation and correctly find the information that allows one to know the actual nature of that situation.

Similarly, Maria Duval adds that through this sense of intuition one is able to differentiate between the trues and the falses, as your mind has been honed to observe things sharply as intuition can "pierce" through the limitations of physicality. This can be used to answer why some people you meet for the first time are likeable to you while some are not that likeable. Because a faint inner voice tells you to be careful of that person.

Lastly, Maria Duval tells us that intuition is a wider vision of a particular situation, and one that is so sharp that it can be regarded as clairvoyance. When it happens, one should never doubt its message but act on it immediately as it is never wrong.


Maria Duval - Lasting Happiness

Maria Duval says self-inspection or surveillance allows you to be completely conscious of yourself with no fear of being overwhelmed by own self. This outstanding mental review makes you to detach own from inner fears and worries with less effort because even if they do happen, you won't feel them as a portion of your own self.

What is that so?

Because you regard them as external features that is plausible to be observed peacefully.

At the start, this change of self awareness may seem too complex to achieve all at one go, but Maria Duval assures you that this is not the way it is to be. Once you have attained the behaviour and habit, self-inspection will become something that is inherently easy in your life.

The Secret of Lasting Happiness

As Maria Duval has already said, she sincerely wants to assist you to achieve bliss, prosperity and good life that you deserve to enjoy. So Maria Duval is going to tell you some of her secrets to achieve that. It will be up to you to utilise what she would be telling you through her studies to your own advantage.

There is a higher form of happiness, a gem that makes other kinds of happiness seem like ordinary stone. But if you wish to attain that, some efforts have to be required from you in order to attain this treasure. Maria Duval can show you a garden full of bright coloured flowers but you will have to find that own strength to walk through it if you wish to enjoy the scent they give out.