Maria Duval - developing your vitality

A very basic principle - you must ensure and be responsible to yourself to make every effort to keep your body healthy and fit. The purpose is to free yourself from illness, tiredness and pain as far away as you possible can.

This means you are able to experience the power of BEING.

Maria Duval believes that your body is the expression of your life; your body is your Bible, your history and wiki. In fact, everything that happens to you in life is recorded and "shown" by your body.

Wisdom is also written into your body - into each of your cell that makes you up - and this is wisdom, which comes from the divine creation. Your body knows this instinctively and it feels its divine origins.

The close relationship between your inner life like your moods, frame of mind, psychological disposition, mental attitudes, thoughts or emotions, and your body is indivisible, inevitable and unavoidable.

In other words, the marriage between your body and mind can never end in divorce.

But Maria says in order for this union to be happy and successful, you must respect the needs of your body, look after it and love it like your best trove of treasures.

Majority of people live alongside themselves, in their head, memories and ignore the needs of their body, rather like absent landlords. The main reason is that most people live a sedentary life, an "illness" that involves spending most of their time sitting or lying down. The encouraging thing is that more and more people are starting to realise the need for an active mental or physical life.

Maria Duval says you don't have to slug it out at a gym or running everyday. Just spending 30 minutes a few times a week of brisk walking will be enough to improve your vitality. It can be walking to your office or walking back home after work.

As much as possible, we should try to recreate that "moments of childhood" in our adult lives, so that we are re-experience the thrills of exploring the five physical senses. Through exercise, we release the tensions accumulated in our bodies, freeing us in the process.

Be beautiful, strong, mobile and supple.