Maria Duval - Put All Your Problems in Perspective

Maria Duval tells me that if you are having problems balancing your budget or if you are short of financial resources, above all don’t despair! Put your problems in perspective. Tell yourself that a “failure” is never definitive, it’s only a temporary setback and not a defeat, a short detour not an impasse.

Regard it as a short-term thing. Learn the obvious lessons from your difficulties and then use them as “fertiliser” to help you to cultivate success. Farmers use compost made from rotting plants, leaf mould, etc., to boost their harvest.

In just the same way, your failures, difficulties, problems, obstacles, can help to enrich the earth of your mind in which you are planting the seeds of success.

Some people maintain that you should avoid problems and failures at all costs. But if you think about it this is non-productive because the only way to avoid making a mistake is to do nothing. Any “failure” contains in it the beginnings of success and achievement. Our failures are merely adjustments in the creative process, which bring us ever closer to our aims.

In reality, there’s no such thing as failure. What we call failure is simply a mechanism through which we learn to do things correctly. To convert your financial (or other) worries into fertiliser, you must first learn from your mistakes and then banish them from your mind. Just regard your failures and disappointments as signposts that will set you back on the right track, that of positive and constructive thinking.

The adversity, which everyone meets in their existence, poses only one danger: that of associating failure with yourself instead of circumstances. Modern psychologists all agree that failures, big or small, mean nothing in themselves.

In conclusion, Maria Duval states that the harvest ravaged by frost or storms does not reflect on the merit of the farmer; neither does it mean that the earth will never be fruitful again!