Maria Duval - How to tell if one or more chakras is blocked

Clairvoyant Maria Duval has given us her explanations for each of the seven chakras in humans and she has tried to give a clear indications of the signs to note for to deduce the conditions of the chakras in you, whether they are working harmoniously or not.

Through these criteria, you should be able to identify your problem areas. Maria Duval does deliberately described some problems in a exaggerated way as this will help people to quickly understand certain tendencies associated with this spiritual imbalance.

Anothe way to analyse your comditions of your spiritual chakras is through self observation. Check which of your chakras react strongly at times of stress and upheavals. You may find that in certain tricky situations in life, you always see the same kind of reactions.

Maria Duval gives an example. If your Root Chakra is under functioning, you may feel that you are losing your footing when faced with difficult circumstances. If this root chakra is hyperactive, you will tend to fly into a rage or becoming more aggressive easier.

If Sacrak Chakra is not functioning well, your feelings will be blocked when things are particularly tense, but if it is over operating, you will burst into tears easier or react with less emotional control in challenging life situations.

If Solar Plexus Chakra is slow, you will experience feelings of powerlessness or weakness, often accompanied by a strange sensation in the stomach or a mysterious apprehension and conversely, you will experience nervousness or a tendency to want to grab control of every situation through over excitement.

Okay, these are just some simple examples you can self-observe. It roughly gives you some ideas which chakras you need to work on for more harmony. To live in good harmony with yourself, others and your environment, all your chakras must be open in harmony with each other. The more open they are, the more you will grow spiritually and you'll attain more energy to achieve what you aim for in life.


Maria Duval - what happens when the Crown Chakra is closed

You know that the opening and harmonisation of the chakras that clairvoyant Maria Duval have explained so far, brings a wealth of knowledge, experiences and abilities. However if the Crown Chakra is not open, you always feel separated from the Divine Spirit, and this prevents you from becoming totally free from fear. This fear still maintains some blockages in the chakras, so they can't fulfill their potential because their energies are not vibrating in complete harmony with the intentions of the Creator, and consequently these energies also find it impossible to vibrate in perfect harmony with each other.

Maria Duval says that people who therefore can't or won't open themselves up to spiritual truths, end up suffering from moments of uncertainty and doubt, and from the absence of any precise aim in their life. They may be starting to realise the absurdity of their current existence and they may develop a fear of death. Do try to stifle these worrying impressions and take new responsibilities and to allay a bad feeling of nastiness to give life a new meaning.

In conclusion, Maria Duval states that if you have a set of rigid or dogmatic beliefs, if you feel the need to believe blindly rather than to discover what is right for you, if you feel separated from God or the Universe, if you think that spirituality is something tedious or even pointless, this means that your seventh chakra has undergone little or no development.