Maria Duval - our emotions

Maria Duval says that control our emotions if we want to achieve a good result in life. We shall be the masters of our own emotions and shall be level-headed and balanced. Emotions like joy, pleasure, fear, anxiety, envy, jealousy, anger should not disturb our serenity, delay our actions or make them ineffective.

When we were in our school days, we were taught new knowledge and developed intelligence, while our parents did their best to teach us the philosophies of life. But the thing is, neither of them have really succeeded in teaching us the art of controlling our emotions, as psychic Maria Duval points out.

Too much of uncontrolled emotions can be a source of worry and problems as it allows obstacles to emerge in our paths, block our every step and force us off the road into the mire.


Maria Duval - positive attitude

A personality must be both firm and flexible, says Maria Duval. Firm so that you can pursue your aim in life without losing heart. Flexible so that you can adapt to any unfavorable circumstances. You must learn to have a positive attitude at some times and an accepting attitude at others.

Maria further explains. Every time you summon your energies to resist an obstacle, you must be active and positive. But every time you find yourself faced with circumstances beyond your control, you need to be passive and accepting. You should regard every event as a character building opportunity. In order to be a positive person, always have faith in yourself and confidence in your success.

Maria Duval adds that to do this, we should also be ourselves and try not to imitate someone else at all because each of us has personal identity as it would be an insult to the divine soul that resides inside us.


Maria Duval: more about concentration

Today, I will discuss more about concentration.

Maria Duval uses this example as a concentration. If you use a magnifying glass to direct ray of sunlight, the light will be sharply focused at a certain focal length and the piece of paper being shone will be burned. Similarly, if you mind can concentrate like a magnifying glass, the issues you are focusing on will be burned as a flash of enlightenment. When you are in this state of concentration, problems can be easily solved in minutes.

Concentration is the faculty that makes people great. If you want to be successful, to do something worthwhile and reach the highest rungs of your life, you must learn to channel your attention, your thoughts, your feelings, your desires and your will. People are highly successful are also people who are capable of concentrating their mind.

Maria Duval says there are two aspects of concentration.

1. Concentration that involves regular practice sessions, performed using specific places, times and body postures and breathing technique.

2. Another aspect is brought to bear on life itself, as it happens, with its obvious repetition, but with all its variations and surprises too.

Concentration skills can be exercised and reinforced for these two aspects of concentration as linked by a law called law of complementarity. Understanding and observing this phenomenon is one of the keys to success.


Maria Duval: Concentration and focus

Psychic Maria Duval says that for most of the time, we are barely conscious of what we are about, because there are so many projects, memories, words and images chasing each other rapidly through our brains, overlapping and interlacing in a totally free and chaotic manner.

There are not many people who can decide to devote their attention wholeheartedly to
something, even for a short frame, without getting their thoughts confused or distracted. We disperse and dissipate our mental energy all the time and our mental concentration fails us repeatedly when we are supposed to produce the goods.

Do you know that some of the most successful people perform well because they can focus their mind effectively? Concentration is nothing but the power to focus all your psychic forces on a single point at a time without being distracted by surrounding events.

I'll post more about concentration and focus as I read more of Maria Duval's book on this subject.


Accumulating merits

Maria Duval teaches that when you give yourself up you create a space for something new. When you live in truth, you attract what is right for you. And what is right for you is what is best for you. What is right for you is specific to you and does not have anything to do with what is right for your neighbour. That's why it is important to listen to your intuition. Obviously, that does not stop you in any way from asking for advice, but then, once you have all the necessary information, do what is right for you.

By acting in a way that's right for you, says Maria Duval, you will accumulate merit and you will be deluged with a multitude of favours and benefits. The wonderful thing about this attitude is that if you act in a way that is right for you, it will also be right for those around you.


Maria Duval: Changing to a positive belief

One of the most effective ways of changing your beliefs is to practise meditation through the instructions taught by psychic Maria Duval.

Your beliefs have been created by the events that you have experienced over the course of your life and above all by the conclusions that you have drawn from them. In other words, how you have understood them.

For example, let say you have a broken relationship and you are feeling sad, you can look at it in a different way by saying to yourself that maybe this was not the man or woman that suited me instead of say nobody is going to love me.

Maria Duval concludes that if these thoughts are repeated and consolidated in your mind, they will make you have feelings and emotions that are related to them. Then you will add according to your beliefs. In this case of the first of these thoughts, you will remain open to a new relationship and will continue to meet people. In the latter case, you will end up by closing in on yourself, convinced that you will never be loved again or you have bad luck in love.


To forgive is a Gift.

Forgiveness breaks the negativity that between you and another person. When we forgive, we forgive ourselves, and, if we don't forgive, the wall of negativity built up and we stop the spiritual goodness coming into our life.

Once you forgive, the energy is immediately released in your mind to bring you your freedom, and, at the same time, the negative energy that has bonded you to another is broken and spiritual energy will come into both people's life positively.

Forgiveness is freeing. It is like removing a huge heavy load off your tired shoulders. When you have sincerely invoked the gift of forgiveness, you are releasing so much powerful energy which in turn makes you lighter within. Enjoy the lightness, the joy, the freedom forgiveness brings.