Love is an Intense Emotion

Love is merging which unites two beings not only physically but emotionally and spiritually. True love is everlasting, it crosses the boundaries of the terresterial world to continue in the world beyond. All human beings are in search of it, and while sometimes they find it, they can also be disappointed, betrayed in their trust and filled with a desire for revenge. When suffering pushes us to such extreme feelings, love abandons our hearts, and a grey pall falls over our existence.

Love is an intense emotion; it is also an energy, like a magnetic flow, it extends its radiance over the person who inspires it. Moreover, you have probably noticed that even at a distance, feelings can create an impact.

Truth to tell, all the great Masters on this world have revealed this: the world around us is governed by the luminous, magic energy of love. It is the main force in the universe, the source of everything; all other forms of energy are derived from it.

Maria Duval says that you can accept this energy into your innermost heart so that its radiation will fill into you by developing a positive and constructive way of thinking.


We learn how to role play since we were young

When we were children, adults would always say to us "Good boy" or "Good girl" when we made adults like parents, teachers, uncles or aunties smiled. But when we were not obeying them, we might got a scolding from them for being "not good".

So there is this rule in our young minds that when we do good, there are rewards while there are punishments when we do bad. Being intelligent kids, we soon learned to be getting the attention of others in order to get the rewards of being praised and loved. Sometimes, we pretended to be good in order to please others, even to the extent of victimising other kids to make them as the "bad ones".

So we begin to "play roles", and tried to be someone we were not out of fear of rejection. Therefore, in the end, we developed into characters that were not truthful to our own original mentality, even as we grew up. Natural instincts are soon being lost and replaced by this "domesticated survival skills". This is the same in every country, race, and culture. And when we began to think logically, we started to use the word "NO", but that might come at a price because adults will reprimand us as rebels and that was how fears seeped into our minds, and the fear will accompany us for the rest of our life, hiding deeply in our subconscious mind.


Self-esteem is a strong driving force in Life

Your self-esteem is one of the most important driving forces in your life. The way you see yourself will in fact condition the way in which other people see, and treat you.

The way in which you speak to yourself, look at yourself, the messages and words with which you identify will determine the way you see yourself.

If you have many negative thoughts, probably you are not feeling good about yourself and there is little self-esteem. That's why it is important to love yourself if you want to love as Maria Duval advises. By making yourself have positive thoughts everyday you will create a dynamic energy that will attract the positive and project a healthy positive image to others.

Lastly, choose your beliefs and become the person you have always been dreaming of being. And these beliefs will become the firm foundation to every aspect of your life and your future successes.

There is no Failure

A good advice from Maria Duval to those who may be facing some financial restraints.

Put your problems in perspective and don't despair!

A failure is never definitive as it's only a temporary setback and not a defeat, a short detour not an impasse. Regard it as a short term thing.

Learn from the obvious lessons from your difficulties and then use them as "fertilisers" to help you to cultivate success. In life, your failures, problems, or obstacles can help to enrich your mind in which you are planting the seeds of success.

Any failure could mean the beginning of success and achievement, as has been concretely demonstrated over the course of history. Failures could also mean the adjustments in the creative process and may bring you closer to your objectives.

To Maria Duval, there is no such thing as failure in actuality. What is normally called a failure to her is simply a mechanism through which we learn to do things correctly.


Meaning of Perseverance

We mentioned perseverance before and now Maria Duval would like to clarify what's the meaning of this word as very often people tend to have a wrong idea about its meaning.

Persevering does not mean wearing yourself out frantically trying to "track down" success or achieving your objectives at all costs. Security, financial or any other kind, cannot be "captured". Neither does it mean sticking to your objective stubbornly despite the advice of more experienced people or at the expense of your health and mental wellness.

Persevering means both firm in your decisions and focused on your aim, but nevertheless capable of adapting and rethinking if the changing circumstances of life make this necessary.

Persevering actually means being relaxed, not tense. It's a behaviour you adopt naturally as soon as you are clearly aware that goodness and generosity are inherent in Life.

From the moment when you understand that Universal Energy is perpetually at work and that you can always reply on its support, this realisation gives you an unshakeable faith in yourself and in Life, and this in turn gives you the strength and persistence you need to try again and again until you succeed.

In conclusion, Maria Duval says that it is important that whatever happens to you it will be useful in some way. Everything (situations, encounters, etc) has a meaning for you to discover as you travel through life. You will come to realise how the world is your ally and will see how the Universe provides for your needs and takes care of everyone.

Best wishes,
Mere T.


Living out Your Dreams

According to Maria Duval, lots of people pray for wealth, prosperity and success, but as they do so, they mind retains an impression of deficiency, failure and limitation which is wrong because your desire and mental images must agree. When there is a conflict between your desire and your imagination, it's always the imagination who wins.

In fact, anyone who declares "I'm rich and prosperous" but actually believes they are poor and restricted, will only become more impoverished. You have to get your conscious and your subconscious on the same wavelength, otherwise there is a conflict in your mind. The subconscious always accept the dominant idea.

Feeling jealous and envious of other people's wealth is a great obstacle to those who want to be prosperous themselves. Remember that your thoughts have a generative power, and you will create in your own life the things you think about other people. If you have mean thoughts, you yourself will become poorer. It's by rejoicing in other people's good fortune that you create your own.

It's when you are going to sleep, and your mental activity is winding down, that's easiest to impregnate your subconscious with whatever you want to. And so this is the time when you must see and feel yourself actually living out your dreams, as Maria Duval suggests.



All the meditation methods of the world involve learning to let go of your thoughts so that you can cultivate a state 'empty' of mental scattering, and free of 'rather invisible undercurrent' scenarios of mental interpretation and clinging.

If you meditate correctly, your mind will start to become clearer. Initially it becomes clearer without you noticing it, then one day you notice it, and then with further progress you actually think you are retrogressing because you're finally unleashing your vital energies which travel up to your brain and create all sorts of random thoughts and secondly, you finally start to notice all those thoughts for the first time with REAL clarity.