Maria Duval - How to tell if your Crown Chakra is open and balanced?

Maria Duval says that the Crown Chakra does not get blocked as such. It's just a matter of the extent to which it is developed. If it is functioning weakly, the universal cosmic energy cannot revitalise the physical body or the other chakras which are also turning slowly. Conversely, if it is working strongly, this allows the Divine Consciousness to inspire us.

When the Crown Chakra begins to open, you feel more and more that there is no barrier between your Inner Being and the world outside. Maria Duval says that you mind will be perfectly calm and open. In this meditative silence, the constant mental babble ceases.

Thanks to the gradual opening of this chakra, these moments become more and more frequent. You experience them more and more distinctly, until they become your permanent reality.

If all the other chakras are balanced and working in harmony with each other, you may experience Supreme Enlightenment. From this moment on, you never look back in your development. You feel as though you have emerged from a long dream, to now live in a sumptuous, magical, ecstatic reality.

Clairvoyant Maria Duval states that you have this state of mind and when you want to know something, all you ned to do is to focus your attention to find the answer, because everything exists inside you, in the Divine Spirit which is ONE with you, and to which you have free access whenever you like.