Filters of Spiritual Energy

Continuing from yesterday's post, clairvoyant Maria Duval says that we lay down the essentials of our map of the world during the first three years of our life. So during our childhood, from the moment we are born, we tend to create a very limited set of rules for the functioning of the world because we don't feel the need to explore beyond our basic needs for financial, physical, emotional and mental security.

So as a result of some negative mental conditioning during our very earliest years of life, we form our own maps of the world which is based on the three types of negative beliefs. These three beliefs effectively hinders the flow of life energy through the first three chakras, thus preventing the person from finding inner peace and love and being in contact with our true Soul (located at the Heart Chakra).

Maria Duval explains that in terms of energy, this manifests itself through kinds of filters operating within first chakras, which trap the energy in the first levels of consciousness, preventing an opening of the heart which is the gateway to soul.

So as long as these energy filters are present, we remain more or less focused on the first levels of consciousness.


Mental "map of the world"

Over times, our behaviour becomes so deep rooted into us and that forms patterns that are repetitive in our daily lives. Since our childhood days, we have been inculcated with a set of rules set by our parents and adults of what is right and wrong. Hence in our mind, there is a "map of the world" which is built on three elements, which according to psychic Maria Duval, are, our need for security, our image of ourselves and the power we have over our environment.

These three elements are closely interlinked and we try to develop them in order to survive or live on. Let me give an example. A kid knows the best way to behave in order to gain affection from parents. The kid will trial and learn from the experiences gained. The various attempts to adapt well to the inherent environment will come together to piece the kid's mental map of the world, or the rules the kid must obey to establish the security and influence in his life.

But its true to say that such practise will lead to a false identity because the kid will "act" in his or her best possible way to gain that affection and this may lead to a buildup of an identity that is not representative of the true character. So, Maria Duval believes that over times, this becomes a mask or a double of the personality. Subconsciously, we neglect our true self, unless we recognise this and make a sincere effort to accept what we truly are.


Maria Duval - right chakra colour can improve your mood!

Latest spiritual finding from clairvoyant Maria Duval suggests that there are colours that are associated with chakras and wearing clothes with a certain colour may improve your mood for the day. It is certainly very interesting. For example one of my favourite colours is yellow and I like to wear my yellow dress whenever I need to present some facts during a client meeting as I find it increases my confidence somehow.

maria duval chakra coloursSo you should be able to find several indispensable facts about chakra colours in the following paragraphs. If there's at least one fact you didn't know before, imagine the difference it might make if you know it earlier! Well, never stop picking up new information!

It seems like new information is discovered about something every day. And the topic of chakra is no exception. Keep reading to get more fresh news about chakra.

Next time you're standing in front of your closet, ask yourself, "who is it that I want to be today?"

That is exactly what I did yesterday morning when getting ready for another day on the job site. I used the following colour guide to achieving the image I wanted to present:

Yellow: This colour helps in decision-making; to increase confidence; and to bring some sunshine on cloudy days. For this reason, my suede brown nail bag got a lick of sunflower-yellow paint. In the shape of a sunflower. Suddenly I discovered that my supply of tech-screws ceased being pilfered.

Red: As a symbol for danger, red is used for stop signs, high voltage signs, traffic lights and fire-fighting equipment. Hence, I pulled on red socks as a message to the lads on the building site: "Beware - this girl doesn't know how to operate a drop-saw."

Light Blue: My lapis lazuli pendant is designed to promote the flow of communication and to broaden my perspective of my world. This last bit happens naturally when I'm balancing at the top of the ladder, but it helps to have the added protection of light blue when it comes time to scream for help.

Purple: Add shades of purple to your life when you want to expand your imagination, removemaria duval prism obstacles, and feel like royalty. Not that purple tiaras are easy to find, but don't let that stop you. It's amazing what you can achieve with a pot of paint and some color-inspiration!

Orange: My orange knee-pads said it all - I'm enthusiastic and active about this project; my creative urges are flowing; and I'm not too serious about the situation. Which is fortunate, because I was starting to look like a rainbow. Read on...

Pink: Pink is the colour of universal love. Soft pink increases tenderness, love and acceptance; crimson raises passionate energy; and magenta helps you stand firm against disorder and pain. Or so I was hoping as I pulled on my hot-pink singlet - it's murder lugging timber all day. It worked. The color outed latent chivalry in the lads, and they carried the timber for me.

Indigo: Dark blue helps you develop intuition; rise above the rut you have created for yourself; enjoy solitude; or find a solution to a problem. It's no wonder then, that I found that my navy-blue cell phone invaluable when lying at the bottom of a trench.

Is there really any information about chakra that is nonessential? We all see things from different angles, so something relatively insignificant to one may be crucial to another.

Thanks Maria Duval for these information.


chakras being blocked

I continue to read up on Maria Duval's guide on chakras. It is a certainly topic.

When chakras are blocked and not functioning harmoniously, little amount of universal cosmic energy is captured by the person. At the same time, negative waves are also accumulating in the body. As a result, this causes bad energies accumulation making prone to difficulties and problems will creak into the person's life. It kind of spiritual disorders.

Maria Duval says that in most cases, the energy centers are thrown out of harmony leading to pain and various disorders. This creates a vicious cycle that is not easy to get out of. This is made worse by general ignorance of the situation and the adverse cause of it.


Maria Duval - What are Chakras

Clairvoyant Maria Duval says that the chakras are energy centres in our bodies and are maria duval chakraresponsible for only letting in the energy you are capable of absorbing. The amount of energy corresponds to your level of consciousness (or evolution). The more your chakras open and allow cosmic energy to penetrate inside you, the more you evolve and the more your consciousness expands.

Chakras are invisible so you cannot see them. They transform the various energies that enter a person, and then redistribute them throughout the physical body through endocrine glands, which release their secretions into the blood.

So Maria Duval says:

We can imagine chakras as colored wheels of light, as funnel-shaped energy vortexes, spinning round in a clockwise direction. They have blades like a fan, or petals like a flower, which create the funnel shape as they turn. As these wheels rotate, universal cosmic energy is drawn into the chakras, and then distributed round the body.

Chakras therefore pick up the vibrations existing in the environment. Through their various functions, these energy centers link the individual to everything that is occurring around him, in nature and in the Universe, acting rather like an antenna.


Banish the past and live to the future

Life is never the same. It is full of happy and sad moments. It also is human nature to seek happiness in different ways, and what better way could be there than to cherish good old memories in the form of photographs and videos. It gives us great joy and pleasure to see and feel how things used to be in the past.

In the past? Do you recall your good experiences from the past more or your bad experiences? Some people just like to dwell into their bad old experiences till their lives are entwined with the anger and disappointments from them. Clairvoyant Maria Duval states that by stirring up old memories too often, especially those bad old memories, we are making a conscious renewed contact with the involutive force of the Universe.

After sitting with the word and it's meaning for a while I realized the power and impact of its real meaning in life. When sorrow or emotional pain is felt, the memories we hold onto are what causes the hurt. So, Clairvoyant Maria Duval wants you to find the will to banish the bad pasts and refocus on something that's inspirational and positive.

Letting go of the memory of the loss and hurt and replacing those memories with new thoughts that are more present moment and more positive focused is an empowering way to heal, embrace life and move on. This is the key that opens your life to happiness and inner peace.

If you think your future will be bad because you have a tragic past, you are basically telling your mind you want to lead a life like that! So, do what Maria Duval says, that is, wipe the bad memories off and start with a clean slate one more time. Treat your mind like a fresh sheet of writing paper and start filling it with all the positive thoughts, harmony and "goodness" in your life!