Prepare the Mind

Psychic Maria Duval suggests it is desirable to prepare the mind so that the magic actions she taught can achieve maximum effectiveness.

As we all know by now, thought is at the centre of everything.

It is of extreme importance because it lies at the origin of all creation, and every event. Be careful of what you think, take care of each thought. Thought is precious, its value is inestimable. Your success, in whatever field you are in, is intimately linked to the "quality" of your thought.

Without your thought, Maria Duval says, nothing is impossible, nothing exists, nothing is done. The statement is no doubt very commonplace, very simple, so simple that you perhaps find it difficult to believe.

To be continued..


Stay in harmony with yourself and others

In a conclusion to Maria Duval's guidance on achieving wealth and prosperity, we need to remember that all your thoughts, all your words and all your actions today are the seeds of your future. They will inevitably have consequences for you.

So be positive and optimistic! Your state of mind, your situation and your lifestyle can improve beyond all your expectations.

Rid yourself of all morbid, sad or anxious thoughts that may invade your mind. Avoid any situation or people that may make you stressed. Choose not to take part in violent arguments, disputes or drama. When you speak, cut out all those little phrases that reflect limitation, depression, criticism or disharmony on you or others.


Save money with a healthy mind

Continuing from Maria Duval's theory on money circulation, the fear of rainy days stops people from living in the present moment and we will engage in pessimistic assumptions all the time when we should always look to the brighter side.

For others, saving money regularly is a means of being able to afford to treat themselves or someone else to holidays, a car, plan a trip, live in a more comfortable house, pay for their children to study, look after aged parents and etc.

In this case, the power of life, love and sharing are not set against each other, but rather actively promote projects and personal dreams.

Saving understaken with a healthy mind devoted to the realisation of an aim does not block the circulation of money or Universal energy.


About putting money aside for rainy days

There is a popular advice when it comes to financial management. The intention of the advice is right, but spiritually, it is not right, according to psychic Maria Duval.

Basically, there is an element of fear involved when this advice is given. This advice is commonly heard and it is "we need to put a sum of money aside for raining days". We need to have at least 6 months of our current salary in our bank as liquidable cash just in case for "emergencies". As a result, the money "sleeps" in the bank and the energy of the money is wasted.

What worse thing could there be for inspiration than a life lived in continual fear of rainy days! How harmful for the psychological and spiritual balance, what a catastrophe for the spirit of initiative, for the entrepreneurial spirit, for individual liberty!


We need to let our Money circulate

Money is like blood. That means it needs to circulate.

Hoarding money and clinging on to it - whether in thought or in action - is the same as letting blood clot, with all the risks this brings.

Money is the life-giving energy that is exchanged, in return for services offered to others and to the Universe, to be used for the satisfaction of needs and wants. And for it to continue to flow and be fruitful, it needs to keep circulating.

Of course, this does not mean that saving money is a bad thing. But psychic Maria Duval says we must understand that there are two sides to the motivation that drives you to save:

Firstly, there is a side of it that is based on the negative emotion of fear, which tends to block the free circulation of cosmic energy and therefore repel luck.

Then there is another side of it based on the positive emotion of love, that favours and even amplifies the circulation of Universal energy, bringing under the protective wing of Providence.


Practising Creative Affirmation

Psychic Maria Duval teaches that to improve on your creative thought affirmation, all you need to do is to speak some of your own personal creative affirmations on a daily basis, as often as possible. It can be done anywhere at anytime.

You can recall the affirmations in your head, or speak it out loud for better effect as voicing it out loud reinforces the intensity in your subconscious. The most important thing is to be fully aware of their meaning: repeat them with all your heart, your determination, your emotion, your attention. Basically, all the force of your conscious mind.

You need to use a lot of your imagining ability because this is part of a creative visualisation process hence you need to feel as if what you want to achieve is already a reality in your life.


How to use the Power of Creative Thought

Just by repeating certain phrases everyday, you can really harness the power of creative thought, says psychic Maria Duval. It is that simple and easy and everyone can do it. However, not everyone is doing that because not many people understand the meaning of practising this affirmation.

You see, when you regurgitate formulas charged with a lot of positive energy, they can reflect and articulate constructive ideas in the astral plane, even though it may seem silly doing that. Maria Duval states that when you have done that repeated for sometime, it's profound meaning would sink into your subconscious and the positive energy it exudes spiritually will automatically translate into your daily course of works.

Like a generator, repetition will transform your invisible energy into tangible energy. In other words, it will "materialise" the invisible Universal energy into tangible form, which is why these formulas actually have the power of creative affirmation.