Reflection of Thoughts, Emotions and Feelings

Maria Duval in her own words reveals that all positive affirmations consist of a formula worded in a positive way. The syllables that constitute it generate beneficial energy because that affirmation is expressed through constructive thought. Creative thoughts - luminous thoughts - are the results of positive emotions and feelings such as love, brotherhood, compassion, loyalty, devotion, joy and enthusiasm.

The mantras using the repetition of this type of affirmation bring the individuals who recite them in communion with their surroundings and with the universe as a whole. The result is that they are at peace with themselves and can live in harmony with others. Luck is on their side, every problem finds its solutions, success and prosperity enter their lives.

Maria Duval - Reflection of Thoughts, Emotions and FeelingsPessimistic attitudes, well, are thoughts fed by negative emotions, like fear, anger, jealousy, sadness, despair or doubt. In such a case, people who are not connected to love, light and universal wisdom experience considerably difficulty when it comes to perceiving the divine part of themselves. Consequently, such people will attract unfortunate circumstances, problems and trials. Generally, success and money do are blocked from entering lives of such group of people.

Maria Duval reminds us of the Universal Law according to which everyone creates their own reality with their thoughts. In fact, our thoughts have a powerful impact on the quality of our personal environment, both on a material, relational and spiritual level. External reality is the reflection of our inner world coloured by our thoughts, our emotions and our feelings.