Working at the right level of energy

I feel that in everything that we take up seriously, we should give our best and effort to the tasks on hand. If not, do not ever want to say "Yes" for taking up this assignment. Don't you think so? Even Psychic Maria Duval has acknowledged this principle about always doing our best in whatever tasks we take up.

Let's face it, depending on your hours and your mood, your "best" levels really vary during the time of the day. But by practising what is given to you by Maria, your "best" will become even better than it has even been.

So do your best: no more no less. Too much input will result in you wasting excessive energies with unbridled control of power and this is counterproductive. On the contrary, too less effort results in you feeling frustrated and even guilty about yourself.

So when you are doing your best, actions will follow. Most people only do something when they think they will be rewarded and take no pleasure in what they do. That is hwy they don't do the best.


Attracting love

I have a good friend who laments to me she seems unable to find a guy who will be her soul mate for life. I really feel sad for people when they say that. Being loved and loving someone is one of the most sacred act of human life and I'd love everyone to have the bliss in life.

I went home, look at one of the Maria Duval books, the "Great Books of Secrets", and there is a spiritual practice stated there exactly for people who are looking for soul mate. I wrote it down and pass it to her with instructions how to perform this ritual.

I think I shouldn't reveal the details here as it is sacred. If you wish to know, you can let me know.

Basically the ritual will make your subconscious gradually absorb the cosmic energy and the universe will give you the ideal spouse you are looking for.


Burying the past

Many people are caught by the traps from the past or personal history which entangled them and make them unforgiving of the people who may have hurt them before. I can totally understand the feeling because I was then always saying this to myself "one day I'm going to repay to you ten times more than what you have done to me" whenever I met this person.

It was bitter feeling I tell ya. Wise men let go of the unhappy past for it hinders your joy of life.

Psychic Maria Duval has this set of visualisation so that you can practise and you'll bury the unhappy pasts.

Just perform it for a few minutes once a week for three weeks will do.

Visualise this:

"Close your eyes and breathe out three times. You are walking along a country lane scattered with rocks that you clear from the path. When you reach the end of the lane, you sit down under a tree. Pull off a leaf and write down everything that has been troubling you, all your regrets and all the things standing in your way.

You use the sap of the tree as ink. Dig a hole, in the knowledge that you are going to bury the past that is already dead, although it is still alive within you, and in doing so, it will disintegrate.

Also write on the leaf the date which you want this past to disappear. Place the leaf in the hole, cover it with earth and quickly retrace your steps, noting if the lane has changed. Open your eyes."

As you can see this is a really simple visualisation exercise which are simple but effective. Try it if you want to let go of the unhappy pasts.