A Wonderful Secret of Life

In life, there is nothing simpler or more natural than letting go. It is just like how natural it is for a tree to let its ripe, sun-drenched fruit tree fall to the ground. Human beings, trees and all living creatures are designed to be separated from anything that has had its day.

In the case of the tree, when the fruit falls to the ground, it returns the seeds to the earth without any form of supernatural intervention. In the same way - according to superior cosmic law - benign forces wait to accomplish on your behalf what you were unable to accomplish on your own.

You simply have to learn to collaborate with these powerful universal principles, which are as old as the world, in order to turn your back on bitterness, obsessive regret, anxiety, worry and disturbing thoughts. The rest will take care of itself. This is the secret of letting go.

If letting go is a matter of abandoning yourself, what do you have to abandon? You abandon the part of yourself that is unhappy, the unhappy self which convinces itself that suffering - which gives it the impression of being someone - is better than letting go and secretly being no one.

When you are in the process of letting go, the superior knowledge which begins to be revealed to you is not intellectual. It comes from a higher, wiser and more courageous part of yourself which operates above the level of everyday life and its incessant conflicts about good and evil. Your newly conscious inner being knows what is good for you, because its vision of life is not blurred by the confusions and contradictions linked to your personal interest.

For example, this superior intelligence knows that you do not need to suffer, even if you are convinced that you do. Once you have established contact with this secret part of yourself, it takes care of the rest!

Believe what Maria Duval says, letting go will not only enable you to put an end to the things you no longer want anything more to do with, but will also give you the key to a new life.


Secrets of the Ancient Magi

All mankind is seeking truth, justice and beauty. We are on a continual question for truth because we only believe the lies that are etched on our mind. We search for justice because it does not exist in our belief system.

We never cease searching, but all is already within us!

We do not find the truth ultimately because we cannot see the truth! It is obscured by the agreements that we have given to ourselves and the false beliefs that clutter our minds. Human beings have a need to be right and consider others wrong. They have confidence in their beliefs and it is these beliefs that condemn them to their suffering.

In fact, life goes on as if we were moving through a sort of fog, a fog that is not even real, that is nothing but a dream, a personal "life dream", made up of our beliefs, all the ideas we have about what we are, all the agreements that we have made with others, with ourselves and even with God.

This is the human condition: bathed in illusion. Mankind cannot see what it really it, nor even perceive that it is not free. It resists life, fearful of speaking the truth. The result: happiness, love, luck and wealth are absent from our life. We are required to struggle constantly, just to keep what we have or keep our suffering to a minimum.

Simply being ourselves is what we fear most. We have learned to live forcing ourselves to meet the needs of others, to live according to the point of view of others, out of fear that they will not accept us or we are not good enough in their eyes.

So how has this illusion come to form part of your life?

The answer is: this is part of your domestication process. You may not remember it, but you devised an image of what constitutes perfection so that you could always try to do the right thing. You created an image of how you should be to be accepted by the world, and specifically to please your parents, brothers, sisters, and teachers, etc.

By trying to do the right thing in their eyes, you constructed an image of perfection that is impossible to achieve. You created that image, but it is not real and you will never achieve perfection in this way.

Not being perfect, you have a tendency to reject yourself. Our degree of rejection depends on how efficiently adults succeeded in destroying our integrity. Basically, once the domestication process is complete, it is no longer a case of doing the "right thing" in the eyes of others. From that time onwards, we are not "doing the right thing", because we cannot conform to our idea of perfection.

We are unable to forgive ourselves for not being what we wish to be. We cannot forgive ourselves for not being "perfect", so we feel bad, frustrated and dishonest by pretending to be someone we are not. The result is, we are not "real" and we wear social masks to ensure other people won't see this as we are afraid people will find out our pretensions. Of course, we are also constantly looking out for people's imperfections so that we feel good about it when we know we are "better" than them.

All humans have a primordial need to be loved and accepted, but humans are also incapable of accepting and loving themselves. Showing lack of self-respect is a sign of not loving themselves. Just observe, how many public figures are acting in self-respect of themselves? They are just being harsh on themselves yet they act childishly ignorant of the fact that they are throwing away self-respect. So how to achieve the image of perfection in the eyes of others, as what Maria Duval asks?

Well, there's always good news. There is no need to live in this state of permanent fear. Do not worry because there is always ancient wisdom passed down from the realm of history and you can learn from this wisdom of life to free yourself from the negative conditioning that has so far blocked your fulfillment in life. Learn from the Secrets of the Ancient Magi.


The Judge and the Accused in our Minds

I think we are complex living things. Our minds are unfathomable. Maria Duval compares our minds to being a Judge and an Accused. Let me explain more about this interesting comparison.

One a side of our mind, there is a part of it that judges and deduces, from trivial issues like weather, neighbour affairs, office affairs to heavier issues like world politics. So how does this Judge judge? Inside everyone of us, in the mind, we have a Book of Law that is cross referenced by our inner Judges everyday; everything you think or do not think, everything you feel or do not feel.

We are basically under the mercy of this Judge who will deduce you are guilty and must be punished and made you feel ashamed. This goes on for as long as your whole lifespan.

On the contrary but going on in parallel, there is another portion of your mind which Maria Duval compares to as a "victim" or "accused". There are at the receiving end of the sentences passed down by the Judge. This is the part that suffers the rebuke, the guilt and the shame. This is part of you that says: "Poor me, I am not good enough, not intelligent enough, not talented enough, I do not deserve to be loved, I am not good enough to deserved this, etc...."

So why is there a dual system in us?

No matter what culture or ethnic race you belong to, there are always a set of to-dos and not-to-dos passed down from generation to next generation. The beliefs are so strong that even years later, when we discover new ideas and try to make our own decisions, we realise just how they influence our life. Adults say we should not go against these beliefs for they are sacred to the well-being of the family, or fear will set in and bad lucks will befall. Contravening them means you are "emotionally poisoned", thus feeling more sense of insecurity in your life. It's influence is so strong that even when we understand, in principle, that these beliefs are not true, we still feel guilt and shame and criticism every time we break a rule.

Maria Duval however states that to change your life, there is a need to adjust this dual system in us because she says that 95% of the time the beliefs etched in our mind are lies, and we are perennially under the spell of these deep-rooted lies.

Unfortunately, this is not something that is easily changed, because our life is always governed by fear and nobody is free from it, not even the powerful men around are free from fear, anger, emotions and struggles. It's the same state of fear one experiences thousands of years ago and it will also be the same two thousand years in the future.