Merry Christmas!

Time flies and in a flash, we find ourselves now in the penultimate week of 2010. What you done and achieved in this year? Have you met the goals you have set yourself at the start of the year? I hope you have and are now looking to the new year with great anticipation.

Merry ChristmasPersonally, I set myself a goal to start learning a new Asian language, and in the end, I chose Japanese because I have already been fascinated by the country ever since I went there about 5 years ago for a corporate trip. Finally I took the plunge and enrolled myself in an elementary Japanese course in a language school in the town area. I also downloaded a language application to my Android phone and right now, I am proud to say I am able to converse and read some passable Japanese.

Okay, last but not least, I will all of you a Merry Christmas and a very great New Year in 2011.

Be happy and cheers!