Maria Duval - Chakras are Energy Centers

Maria Duval believes that the chakras are the centres for the transformation and distribution of cosmic and telluric forces which are the energies from the Heavens and the Earth.

We can better understand their basic function by imagining how, if we didnʼt have them in our body, in other words, if human beings received cosmic energy directly, without any transformation process, the body would go into an immediate “meltdown”, obliterated by this incredibly powerful force which would shoot right through them.

Maria Duval compares the chakras to that of an electric Maria Duval - Chakras are Energy Centerstransformer that converts a high-voltage current (10,000 volts for example)running along power cables, into a 220 volt current, usable by domestic electronic equipment (TV, washing machine, lights, etc). Without this transformer, all these devices would quite simply ʻburn-outʼ.

Chakras, then, have the task of preventing any energy we cannot absorb from entering our bodies. This quantity of energy is the same as our level of consciousness. The more the chakras open up and allow the universal cosmic energy to enter us, the more we evolve, increasing our field of consciousness, thus promoting our personal development.

The energies absorbed are transformed and distributed throughout the physical body via the endocrine glands, which secrete chemical substances called hormones. These hormones are transported in the bloodstream, thus regulating the action of the organs and the cells.

We might think of our chakras as highly subtle sensory organs. Our physical body, with its five senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch) is a vehicle adapted to the vital laws of our planet; it is our body that allows us to find our way in daily life.

Lastly, Maria Duval states that chakras, in turn, serve as receivers for all the energy vibrations and all the information existing ʻaboveʼ the physical level: they also serve as ʻgatewaysʼ, linking us to the magical and unlimited world of more subtle energies.


Chakras - Our Vital Energy System

Let's recap about what is a chakra again from Maria Duval. Chakra is a centre of vital energy located at the level of the etheric aura surrounding the individual. It is invisible to the naked eye, unless the person has clairvoyant powers, because it is not really of a physical nature.

Basically, the chakra is etheric; in other words, it is made up of ethereal matter, more subtle than the substance of the physical body, because its atoms vibrate at a higher frequency than this latter. Thatʼs the reason why it is invisible.

You can imagine the chakras as coloured wheels of light, whirls of energy in the form of funnels, turning on itself. They are equipped with ʻbladesʼ, like a fan, or ʻpetalsʼ, like a fl ower, which turn, creating the funnel shape. It is through the rotation of these wheels that the cosmic universal energy is absorbed into the interior of the chakras and then distributed around the body.

The 7 Major Chakras are, from the 1st to the 7th: the root chakra, located at the base of the spine, the sacral chakra, just below the belly button, the solar plexus chakra, just above the belly button, the heart chakra, in the centre of the chest, at breast-height, the throat chakra, located at the height of the throat, below the Adamʼs apple, the brow chakra (the famous 3rd eye), right in the middle of the forehead and the crown chakra, on the top of the head.

Our spiritual body is such an mystery and wonder, don't you think so?