Desire - essential for achieving prosperity

maria duval desiresWe often hear this word "desire" and it is a very common word. Psychic Maria Duval regards "desire" to a car ignition key that will turn on the powerful engine without your mind and this engine will drive you to your destination, without fail, once it has been started. Yes, desire is essential for anyone to succeed to achieve prosperity and abundance.

Just sit down and ponder what the world will be like if there is no desire. I guess the world will be a very decrepit place, hardly the advanced world we see right now. Without desire, how are you even going to push yourself to reach that goal? But Maria Duval says there is a essential need to understand such desire is DIFFERENT from desires like, need to eat, need to rest, need to enjoy or need to socialise. Such desires a short term but they are energy drainers which bring detrimental results to your personal self-improvements.

The kind of desires which Maria Duval places more importance and are long term is more linked to personal evolution. They are, abundance, health, fortune, success, love, peace, money, comfort and so many. The world improves because there are people there would want to achieve their personal dreams to improve the world or to improve themselves.


Gift in a humble and generous way

Psychic Maria Duval advocates it is advisable to make a gift before we approach the Universe with our own requests so that we are able to tap into the powerful creative forces of the Universe which can help our initiatives to succeed. Once the Universe has granted this request, make another gift as a thankful gesture and always remind ourselves to be humble.

maria duval cosmos universeMaria Duval asks that do you know that sacrifice made from the heart, even a tiny one, has a thousand times more value than all the earthly riches put together? It lifts the soul towards the divine Creator.

Generous acts performed in a quiet and altruistic way without seeking for glorious publicity are the only kind that will truly enrich you and is favoured by the Universe, states clairvoyant Maria Duval.


Give and ye shall receive

"Give and ye shall receive!

This is a widely known as the universal principle of wealth and prosperity and is acknowledged by all philosophies, religions and holy scriptures, says clairvoyant Maria Duval. If you diligently obey this basic rule, I believe you will receive more in returns then you give. I'm not sure how much is how much though, I just believe if you give within your capability without reservations, the universe could work wonders for you.

For me, sometimes whenever I plan of my finances, I would set aside a certain portion to give to charitable causes or humanitarian organisations and I think this is a very good way to help those less fortunates in this world, especially in the aftermath of some natural disasters and victims there would need a lot of love and assistance to be tended. I listen and try to follow what my mentor Maria Duval tells me.

Someone who has been living in luxury all along without care and concern to the less fortunates around is essentially building up bad karma which will come back to haunt the person in some stage in the future. I think what Maria Duval says here is very true. If you do not give back to the society as much as you can, there will be a time when you will build up negative karma which may come back to haunt you next time or in your next generation. So there could be a sudden reversal in the fortunes due to the lack of care or simply negligent.


Align your emotions, mind and your objectives to achieve what you want

Clairvoyant Maria Duval states what set us humans apart from the rest of the living things here at this planet is we are able to express a wide range of EMOTIONS and the emotions we have is the main driving force behind the progression of our society. We show emotions when we are not able to get things done faster or more efficiently. We show displeasure, hence we think of ideas to overcome such obstacles.

However, while emotions are generally making us more colourful, too much of it must be carefully contained and wisely chanelled, advises Maria Duval. Volatile emotions are not efficient spiritually as such people tend to be overwhelmed by their capricious mood swings, hence there is a lot of precious body energies wasted and getting drained.

Clairvoyant Maria Duval confirms that people who have mastered containment of their emotions have a powerful personality, clear cut ideas and able to make good decisions. They are the real "go getters" and have high chances of success in things that they do.

Psychic Maria Duval says our emotion is profound and subtle and this is something beyond words and reasons. It makes you go into actions which can be either positive and negative. So the main gist of what I'm trying to say is if we can align our emotions together with the power of the mind and focus them on a single objective, we can reach that objective like a magnet being attracted to a piece of iron.

So do your best to harness it. It's your heavenly gift!


Our mind is the power that controls the money

Psychic Maria Duval has said many times that Money is one of the most powerful and mysterious symbols or energy in the world. Money is often the most anonymous; it is difficult, if not impossible to identify it. Our greatest desire is to attract it to us and then use it to make our lives better. Sometimes money can "betray" us; it allows us to acquire goods or do things that turn out to be the source of problems instead of all the good things we are expecting.

Maria Duval adds that money is a powerful force that either save or kill us, destroy our hopes and our families, or on the contrary, it can allow us to blossom in prosperity. It is really magic because with it we can do anything, or almost!

It is imperative to understand that money is neutral. The only thing that matters is your state of mind when you use it. Basically, money is whatever you want it to be and show be treated as such as what Maria Duval says.

As far as its symbolism is concerned, it represents the price we have on the objects. It is our own minds that give it its true nature. Money itself represents nothing until we give it its meaning. Our mind, our wishes, make it good or bad, depending on the circumstances and opportunities.

Psychic Maria Duval points out that sometimes money does not bring us what we are expecting, our control over it is only relative. We never know exactly what it holds in store for us, so we have to put in a lot of thoughts and care into "programming" how we are going to use it.

Finally we all most understand one important point, that is, our mind is a tool that has the power to make money work for us when and how you want. Without our mind, money is just a chunk of worthless papers.


Personal worth and self-esteem

Psychic Maria Duval points out that many people have wrong conceptions about personal worth and self-esteem that leads to a negative and even dramatic consequences on their standard of living. For example, some people wrongly believe that they have to "earn their living" by working hard. Just why must we "earn" what we already have, which is the divine power of life?

There is one point on which all the spiritual traditions are in agreement with this point: Human beings were created in the image of God life is a marvellous and sacred gift. All living things have an essential right to live and all deserve to be happy. So there is no need to prove your worth to take your place in the world.

Cutting the explanation short, psychic Maria Duval concludes that those who are lacking self-esteem are short of money as the thought in such people does not help to lead a prosperous life. If you are seriously lack of money, it means you have not much faith in yourself and that means, you don't feel you "worth" a lot and you don't like yourself very much. So you can see how important it is to have a good self-image if you want to live comfortably.