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Maria Duval: Faith and desires

Here is a short summary about faith and desires. Maria Duval teaches that a burning desire is what will push you to act, to seek solutions and resources This is the desire that transforms dreams into reality, without desires your dream will never come true. They will remain abstract. All great successes started with a dream and were driven towards success by a burning desire to see the project come to fruition.

As known, thoughts are actions and the desires are nothing less than an amalgam of thoughts pointing towards an objective as Maria Duval has explained.

Faith is rarely innate as it is acquired by giving your mind positive messages that support and dynamize both you and the people around you.

Have faith in yourself and this faith can even move mountains, as Maria Duval says.


Maria Duval: attracting lucks

Maria Duval says the world is only a projection of our thoughts. Even bodies are nothing other than the product of the thoughts and it is under the control of the minds. Buddha, after years of intense mediation, said: "Everything we are was created by our thoughts."

Every human being has only one single desire: TO BE HAPPY.

In other words, you must realise that all man seek to do more is to gain more pleasure and avoid suffering. The dearest wish of the human being is to be loved and recognised for what he or she is. If you can understand and respect that you will attract luck to youself, because you will attract the favours of people you approach and even people you don't know.

Maria Duval adds, to attract luck, transform one by one your thoughts into positive waves that support you and do you good. Luck is not a law of chance. Luck is related to the merits you have accumulated in your previous lives. As you sow, so shall you reap. That is the irreversible law of karma.

Seek the company of people who are wise and creative, says Maria Duval. Given when you can give, do it with all your heart, be fair to yourself and those around you. Above all, don't give in order to get something back. Do it without expecting anything in return.

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Why some poeple have positive attitude yet can't achieve much?

There's great spiritual power if you use your positive attitude correctly. Many great men have confirmed about that through their successes and outcomes. Maria Duval has talked about that repeated. However, there are something which we need to take note of.

I am saying this because some people have positive attitude but they are just not going anywhere. Do you know that there are some people who have positive attitude but they never achieve the goals that they want to achieve? Why is that so?

1) Procrastination: This is a trait that is found in many people. I'm not immune to it too. I still do however I don't let it overcome me. You can have all the positive thinking in the world thinking that you will one day be able to reach your goal. But if you like to procrastinate and do not take massive action, having a positive attitude will not help at all. We need to set the goals and action according to the plan. No procrastination or excuses or it will create a false sense of optimism which is detrimental and counterproductive.

2) Lack of determination: A person can be the most positive you ever known and he/she will achieve the goals. Now, the verdict comes when there's real test when you start to face some problems and difficulty. This is the crunch time when it will really test you on whether you will still be able to maintain a positive attitude or not. If you can't maintain the right mindset, you will surely give up the fight and with it, your dream vanishes.

If you practise positive attitude without any procrastination and full of determination, the road to success is nearly 50% there for sure.


Maria Duval: our precious gift

Maria Duval says we're surrounded by noise, traffic and multiple modes of communication. Therefore it is almost not possible to hear our spirit in the middle of all that noise. We are losing our precious gift which is spirituality. This is an unique gift God has given to human beings.

It is very important to have some silence in your life! Maria Duval advises you spending some silence to connect with your heart, and to be in touch with love and truth at its deepest level. Taking time out every day for a period of quietness will be a source of strength and comfort to you, and will give you space to sit in peace.

I have talked about this many times in this blog. That is meditation. I can't stress the importance of it if you are into spirituality. Maria Duval has said meditation can mean listening the in and out of breathing. It can simply mean sitting quietly, stilling your mind to the outside world, and taking the time for deep reflection.

Through meditation opens up a channel to the vibration of truth. It allows us the chance to hear our heart beat, to feel our blood flow and our gentle breathing. It reminds us that we are fragile beings who can be snuffed out like a tiny light and that we are not immortal - we are blood and bone and we are born to die. Maria Duval has said it many times and I've learning something new all the time when I meditate.

Remember, don't lose your precious gift.