Moving Ahead With Courage and Perseverance

Somehow, even though life seems constant here, we ought to learn to expect some surprises, life doesn't always turn out the way we envision it. Many times we think our life will be like our parents and grandparents. Good Luck on that one, we all live in a different time and era and have different life journey's than they could have ever imagined.

On this aspect, that does not mean we have to lead a life without planning and goals. If there is no plan when you are young, you will become even more directionless as you age.

There are really lots of pit holes through the life journey, you need to be brave. If you are not brave enough, you could be led off the road with heavy bleeding, but if you keep moving on, new unexpected positive surprised will act as a "speed pass" that bring you to the next junction fast. Sometimes, we may even think too much and as a result, the opportunities are lost. As doe

When your life changes direction, there is a reason for it, even though the changes could be cruel and unforgiving, but it will be essential as part of your life learning experience. Go for it bravely and if need be, swerve to avoid the hurdles with a fast reactive movement, and in the end, you will gain some useful experience that will be good use to you in the future.

The most difficult part is to walk your path one step at a time, it seems the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. For this, Maria Duval says don't be distracted, do focus intently on your selected path, and do not get distracted and be strayed away before reaching your destined land, . Also, maintain your heads up and be prepared to allow God to determine your ultimate success. Believe in yourself and begin the journey, it will be incredible, magnificent,and when the path leads to a gate, the grass will be greener, far beyond your wildest dreams.

Lastly, if you lack the conviction to move on, you can create spiritual affirmations to reaffirm your own faith and ability to move on.