Maria Duval's view on conquering timidity

There is no need to be shy at obstacles when you come across them, because they will develop your intelligence, your resistance, your spirit of initiative, and your magnetism, and help you to employ them more productively and creatively, says Maria Duval.

Success, like your whole environment and everything that happens in your life, depends solely you. Fate is a myth and destiny is never against you - it is purely the result of how you face obstacles, advises clairvoyant Maria Duval, and it's by learning to control your thoughts that you will discover the road to happiness and be able to realise your desires.

Psychic Maria Duval continues, every victory is an effort, and every effort is a victory! A. Teillard wrote: "Certain inferiority complexes may oppress an intelligent and courageous person who is the victim of their own hyper-sensitivity, their major fear is that other people may judge them unfavourably. They are afraid of not matching up to others, they are afraid of seeming ridiculous."

Hence, timid people's career is therefore seriously handicapped by that great malady: doubt. Very often, it even affects their sex life and this disturbance may lead to impotence or frigidity.

Maria Duval states, a timid person, more than anyone, needs to develop their personality! In their case, the increase in magnetism will be very spectacular. They will smash the world in which their upbringing and society have succeeded in imprisoning them.

So you if follow Maria Duval's advices here, you will be able to chalk up your first success, then a second, and so on. Once you have achieved your first goal, this opens the door to further successes and these repeated victories will be gradually free from your prison.

Finally, by actively assuming responsibility, you will discover the joy of taking the reins and the glory of succeeding and thereby gain confidence in yourself. As Maria Duval concludes, through an imperceptible but infallible process, a timid person will automatically find a new place in the social environment.



Just think for a moment about the kind of emotions that swamp you when you are watching a film or reading a novel. Don't you feel as though you yourself are the cop, the hero or the heroine?

What Maria Duval is expressing is that the thoughts that makes you joyous, make you brimming with tears, or ecstatic over some issue, are all due to the imagination, to the suggestion. As well as having the power to do things, suggestion and imagination have the power to undo and replace. If your imagination is subjugated to our conscious will, it can create images that, in certain circumstances, will lead your subconscious to abandon old patterns of behaviour and to form new habits.

Suggestions will no longer be passive, submissive, dictated by other people or by circumstances. Maria Duval thinks it will be active, deliberate, oriented towards a precise aim, and this will rid you of all the conditioning which weighs you down and paralyses you.

Suggestion will now enable you to develop a new, profitable and effective way of behaving. This type of suggestion is exercised by you, on yourself! It is in the form of "auto-suggestion".

Two sides of personality

Maria Duval says there are two sides to your personality. Firstly, there is the conscious personality. This is dependent on the intellect, reason and thought. In principle, it is this side of you which decides on the value of a certain action, on the wisdom of another. However, this often clashes with our unconscious personality, the automatic behaviour instilled since young, and realms of the emotions, feelings and imaginations.

Secondly, there is your unconscious personality which uses all sorts of means to modify or invalidate the decisions made by your conscious personality. Maria Duval says your emotions undermine your reason with over-violent reactions, your imagination exaggerates the difficulties and magnifies the obstacles.

In the end, your intellect is no longer very sure of the true value of its intentions, and you are invaded by a lack of confidence, a certain hesitation, vague misgivings or even real fear and anxiety.


Learn to control your thoughts

Compare your brain to a mirror. It registers and reflects ideas. Ideas are constantly coming and going, fluttering and whirling around, wheeling past each other and colliding, never knowing where to land. According to Maria Duval, power comes to those who learn how to channel ideas and govern those ideas. When your mind takes command, it brings order to this chaotic and turbulent flock of ideas.

Thus your mind must respond recognise its role and control the unruly ideas that fly around your head. It must sift through them, select them, and sanction them. Maria Duval says once you finally have a valid set of ideas organised in your mind, then it only remains to take action.

The best way of learning how to coordinate your ideas and to act is to use "auto-suggestion". This will set you on the road to success.

Here, the main thing is to revitalise your magnetic potential which may have withered or waned. In order to do this, you must curb and control your emotions and your imagination, which dissipate and waste your magnetic power. Clairvoyant Maria Duval says you must alter, modify all ingrained and automatic responses which make your actions purely habitual and worthless. Your reason and your intellect should have the biggest influence on how you conduct yourself.

So it is not matter of mobilising your willpower to overcome your habits, but simply using your imagination and emotions in the way Maria Duval will teach you.


Personal Magnetism

psychic maria duval magnetismThere are many natural phenomenons which are invisible and untouchable. Magnetism is one of them. It has been confirmed by scientists that Earth is a giant magnet that is why there are North and South poles.

Psychic Maria Duval states that this invisible force of magnetism, which exists in all forms of life, consists of radiations given off to different degrees by your body, your look, your voice, your thoughts and even by your mere presence. You can even learn to intensify these mysterious radiations, to focus them more and to channel them.

There is a saying "this person has magnetism" and while the meaning is self-explaining, there is scientific backing to such a statement. Maria Duval says, the behaviour of anyone who has enhanced his magnetic potential in this way is consequently changed. His personality and ideas assert themselves naturally, he shines, he adapts and he succeeds. Outsiders say he has that luck! Through this it could be said that luck could be "learned".

But in order to adapt swiftly and smoothly to situations and to people, you need to be aware of the problems posed by them. Clairvoyant Maria Duval relates that your energies must be gathered together and directed towards a single precise aim, catalysed by the ambition to succeed, to find a satisfactory solution.

Finally, Maria Duval concludes if you can combine these three elements - awareness, energy and ambition - this will give you powers of projection, i.e. "magnetism" and this magnetism will radiate over everything around you, have a favourable influence on it and open the doors to success.