Listen to your inner voice

Allow yourself to be carried out on the broad wings of your imagination, your fantasy. This will give you a creative lift in which you can be led into a world in which all things can be achieved. Listen to your little inner voice attentively, for it is your best guide in life. It knows what is best for you and what direction you should go. So please listen to your inner voice. Obey it and be receptive to it.

Just a short simple post today. Hope you have a great day! :)



Do you want your wishes to come true? Your projects to come to fruition? For Providence to generously fill your needs?

Run in your mind a film in which they have already come true. Imagine yourself saying, doing, being and having what you want to say, do, be and have...and harvest the satisfaction, honours and benefits.

If you have a money problem, imagine yourself winning the lottery..see yourself banking in that big cheque, imagine your new grand house, and that flashy car at your garage..life would be really complete, wouldn't it?

Or you feel lonely in life and you desperately want to meet the person of your life. That life partner that will be with you all times. You imagine how that person looks like, meeting that person, sharing great moments with that person and having intimate times with that person. All these are areas that you can visualise. I know it sounds like daydreaming. However, there is real psychic power to visualisation as I have explained in earlier posts.


Learn to relax

Clairvoyant Marie Callas says that visualisation is in fact, seeing the mental image that you create. But if you have problems, you can just concentrate on "thinking" about it or be aware of the feeling that your image or scenario evokes.

A mental image that lacks clarity or is a little "confused" is not necessarily a bad one. If your mind tends to wander to other "parasite" images, bring it back patiently and gently towards the desired image.

Gradually the image grows in proportion to the state of your concentration and the time that you devote to it.

To sum up, the main obstacle to good concentration is physical and nervous tension. That's why it is important to relax. When you are relaxed, it is much easier to concentrate on the creation of a mental image and visualisation will be much better.


We have hidden limitless powers

As intelligent beings, we got to accept the fact that all of us have limitless power, most of them hidden in our subconscious without us ever even knowing in this lifetime. If you are one of the few that knows how to tap on this power, my congratulations to you!

One of our god-given ability is we can imagine whatever scenario you wish, to put a virtual scenery in your mind, and power to link to the higher self. In fact, visualisation enables you to dream your life and to think about your life before you make it happen in reality.

Psychic and clairvoyant Maria Duval is able to help you to improve your visualisation. She has devised some simple exercises and these will train your mind to reconstitute an image or subject which you have previously focused your attention on.