Something's bothering me

In the last few days, something's been bothering me and it keeps me slightly drifted from my day job to the extent that I sent out a correspondence without my signature! What a mess I've got here because it'd been overlooked among some other papers and I only know that when my customer called up to tell me of this. Such an embarrassment don't you think so.

This evening at home, I looked through Maria Duval precise guide for 2007 and somehow, the passage describes quite exactly of what I am feeling now. It's not 100% identical but the gist of it is there. Maria Duval said that I would be bothered by some financial issues some time this month and she's quite accurate in her prediction. A vital investment in my portfolio is not performing what it is expected to be and I am starting to regret pouring my money into it. Some readjustments are needed definitely.


Maria Duval: Love yourself as what you are

I have read it many times from books about spirituality and philosophy from Maria Duval and a few other great teachers that we need to love yourself as what we are. This should not be taken as self adulation but it means we got to accept who we are in terms of our natural abilities, talents, characters and weakness by acknowledging what we have. By accepting this fact, then we can truly live to the joy of being alive.

Maria Duval has reinforced this philosophy by saying if you do not love yourself enough, it becomes difficult to love other people because the love within you is the same love that you can give to others, and inevitably, the same love that others give you in return.

Tell yourself that the Universe loves you for what you are and it needs you just as you are.

Always remember that confidence opens up heart and enables the energy of love to circulate freely, whereas doubt has opposite effect. Remember that confidence and doubt are 2 aspects of the same energy. This means if you are filled with doubt, you have the same amount of potential energy of confidence. All you have to do is to 'shift' this energy from doubt to confidence.


Maria Duval: Some thoughts on this weekend

It's the first weekend of March 2007 and time really flies.

Some of my friends have seen this blog and they are very excited to see my blog that shares with people about my spiritual life and Maria Duval. Maybe I will be starting another blog that relates more to my personal life as 'tribute to Maria Duval' focuses on spirituality and psychics. However, I'm afraid I can't handle that much as I am very tight up by the office work since February.

Spiritually, I am improving steadily and I am much more positive and thankful for the good tides that I received.

Yesterday I talked to another blogger Jackie R who manages 'Maria Duval | The Positive Energy' via MSN and I am glad to tell you readers from this blog that she is also doing well spiritually. In fact I enjoy her blog a lot and she's certainly very knowledgeable in the area of spirituality. I really hope one day she and I will have the chance to meet in person. :P

Another good news to update is that I am happy that my blog rates 2nd in Google and I hope that my blog will show the positive aspects I have with Maria. I have nothing but praises for her. I am thankful for the blessings received.