Wish comes true! Thanks to Maria Duval

Remember I related sometime in early January this year that I am carrying a Alpha Temboris ball sent to my from Maria Duval as a gift. I am supposed to write a wish and slot it inside this tiny ball, stick around with it as long and as much of the time as I can. I even put it inside my pillow case so that it 'sticks' with me during sleeps.

I can tell you now what is that wish. My wish is to get promoted in my job. By the way, I am a customer service executive here with a company here and I have always wished to have a chance to be raised to the position of manager overseeing a group of execs as I have been working here for more than 4 years. Being one of the most senior execs around, I am also the acting manager sometimes so it's my personal motivation to fill that position officially. Thanks Maria Duval, some changes in the manpower in my company means I got my wish true as my current manager will be transferred to another department. I am so excited!!

I am to thank Maria Duval again for this wish comes true. You never fail to realize the dream of people who have firm faith in you and your ability as a clairvoyant and psychic. Maria Duval, you have taught people to be positive in think and show gratitude in lives so this is what I been doing. So now I got my wishes and rewards. You never fail to amaze me, Maria Duval. I thank God for you too.


Meditation over next 7 days

Here is a meditation exercise challenged by Maria Duval to me.

Over the next 7 days, I shall refuse to entertain any negative thought, feeling, emotion, image or data.

If for any reason I find that I am in the middle of a negative act, I shall remind myself that my thoughts, feelings and images will sooner or later be translated in actions. Every time I find myself having a negative thought, please relax. Then allow it to dissolve and bring your attention for a few seconds to a happy event or even to the positive outcome of my negative thought or state.

Find a positive solution for myself in every negative thought as told by Maria Duval.

Well, it's inevitable some negatives thoughts will outflank my positive mind as we are all humans. If that happens, Maria Duval says there is no need to feel guilty, don't reproach myself but instead consider the situation with compassion, be kind and indulgent with myself and most importantly, give myself enough time to transform the mindset. the 7 day is a personal goal set by Maria Duval to me and I will certainly do it my best.

If there is a need, continue this meditation process for as long as necessary and until the day is filled with sweet positive thoughts. This is what Maria Duval is looking for in me.


Maria Duval: Love is the antidote iof fear.

Maria Duval says LOVE is the antidote for fear. How true this statement is. Love is also the most powerful forces in the universe because it binds all together.

Love is the primordial force in the universe and it is what links and unites everything. Love is the original substance of each and every one of the prophets and every religion has touched on this unique source as added by Maria.

Love contains everything and makes everything possible.

Maria Duval also mentions that this force of love can make you to be loved, heal you and free you from suffering for love is GOD and GOD.

If fear is a feature of mankind, love itself is the quality of God.

The thoughts that emanate from love are always positive and benovolent, they attract their like and bring happiness and good health, said Maria Duval.


Best time for meditation

Valentine's Day is once again around the corner! Love is in the air!

I would like to share my knowledge about meditation today. Some of the knowledge I learn from my life mentor, Maria Duval. To make progress in a skill you picking up, it is important that you recur its usage often. This application is the same for meditation process as well. To improve on your meditation, I would suggest to those who want to develop their spirituality to meditate at least once a day because recurrence is important for increasing your meditative capacity.

The most common excuse is, of course, people tend to neglect by claiming their schedules are tight and they hardly have time to meditate. What I see is that, if you find value in what you like, you will find time to do it no matter how busy you are just like, you also need to find time to eat or to sleep. There is also a need to feed our souls through meditation. It's like a quiet time between us and our spirits. Maria Duval will be ecstatic to know her fervent supporter here.

If you like to meditate, the best time to do it is early in the morning around 5am to 6am which I find is the best time because that is the time when the daily activities have not really picked up and it's a great time to self reflect amidst the peaceful and quiet surroundings thus leading to a more conducive meditation process.

I always aim to meditate during this time however, to be honest, sometimes I can't get up at these hours therefore, I have to substitute it during night times when the activities have quietened down again. If possible I also include a short session in the afternoon in my working office during lunch hours. After that, I will read some guides from Maria Duval.


Maria Duval: Types of psychic groups

It's true that everyone possesses some kind of psychic ability, and the difference is how developed or under developed they are. Therefore, different people will experience different level of understanding.

From what I have learn in the past few months, whether from self study, or from psychics like Maria Duval, or some online websites, I gather there are 4 groups of psychic ability. You can read and check which group you may fall into.

Psychic feeling: it is associated with gut feelings, hunches, the area of the body around the solar plexus, some sort like a type of that sinking feeling swarming right over you. For example, let say your loved one calls you up to inform you of a last minute trip to settle some business issue, you suddenly felt that feeling and you ask your loved one not to attend. In the end, something bad really happens to your loved one as what Maria Duval has said before.

Psychic intuition is a sure knowledge that arrives out of nowhere. It is fleeting but certain. This is the phenomenon when you "just know" although there is no supporting evidence or logic supporting that knowledge. Take an example, John was on the way to his parent's house and half way through, a strange feeling tells him not to travel in that direction today, therefore he changes his route, and right he is, because there's a huge avalanche that happens suddenly on the regular route that could have engulfed him.

Psychic hearing. It is as if they are hearing inside their head just above their ears. This is also known as clairaudience. Example, you are sleeping soundly and somehow from nowhere, a voice calls your name loudly and you wake up but there's no one around. But luckily this makes you rush to the kitchen to put off the small fire because you did not close the oven when you went to sleep!

Clairvoyance, or psychic vision. When you receive psychic visions it is as if you are seeing them through your third eye, that mythical eye situated between and slightly above your eyes. Maria Duval is famous for clairvoyance! Now, there are some people who have that sensitive third eye that can 'see' what's ahead and they can foretell what's there for them and there are always right somehow!


Spiritual energy imbalance in your house - Maria Duval

Today I want to discuss about an interesting subject I read from a book by Maria Duval.

I begin by saying adults have generally lost the spiritual 'sensitivity'. Too much of artificial living conditions have eroded adults' instinct. Almost all adults never listen to their intuition and they decide with their reasonings! Maria Duval will agree on this point too!

Babies or young children are different. They can instinctively sense a 'disturbed' zone where they feel ill at ease. If every morning you find that your baby is sleeping at the end of the bed, or another way round, this could mean your child is trying to escape from a harmful spot in your house. This spot I mean refers to a position in your house where there is imbalance between cosmic and telluric waves that it sucks the vital energy as what I learn from Maria Duval.

It is also interesting to study the spot where you pet sleeps. The spot where your pet sleeps may mean that location is 'more positive' compared to others. Same theory applies to the insects too.

Maria Duval says these harmful spots exist because the earth is a huge magnetic field and earth's natural magnetic lines may interfere with man-made radiations like radio waves, telecommunication waves, TVs, microwaves and other modern devices. It is therefore imperative to get rid of these harmful waves in your home so that you can have a spiritually peaceful living.


Maria Duval: Showing gratitude is truly living a blessed life

I was brought up in a very poor family and we always faced a lot of financial constraints like difficulties in paying the bills on time, straddled with debts and interests. When you are poor, it is even easier to get poorer because it seems like the money you earn is just like a drop of water into an ocean of debts. Life was simply too tough during my growing up years. Sometimes I am angry with my parents too because I blamed them for not able to provide me with goodies in life as compared to some of my school mates. This is year before I know of Maria Duval.

Therefore I fought very hard in schools and I worked part time to make ends meet as well as to make some money to buy things that I wanted.

As years past, I grew up and I finally found a job I desired with a well known company after some job hoppings in the years before. There was certainly glamor working there and it filled my inner voids somehow. However, sometimes I still felt I was struggling with myself and my soul because in that company, there were a lot of inner politickings and as a young ambitious employee, you really got to learn fast and be unscrupulous to your colleagues if you wanted to climb up the ranks. I was able to do that easily because of my tenacity due to the tough upbringing I had.

For more than 6 years, I worked relentlessly hard to push myself forward. However, just when I was about to see some successes, some problems in life wiped out most of my savings in just a couple of months. You can imagine the despair in my eyes then.

It was at that moment that I began to delve into spirituality subjects. Soon, through a mail offer, I got to know Maria Duval and i was skeptical about that too. As you know, I did make a decision to purchase her offer because it seemed to describe my life at that time. I just got to make a risk here of the possibility of losing $80 and somemore there was this refund scheme too, so what's the problem with this? Hence i replied her letter with my requests. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made in life.

From many Maria Dyval's teachings and guidances, I began to learn more about life and spiritually. The most important attributes in life are positive attitude, gratitude and compassion to others. If you are positive, things will always look rosier and through the laws of the universe, what you believe will reap you great returns somehow. And of course gratitude is a virtue all men should have.

When I am grateful for everything that happens in my life, even for the simplest things. I am grateful that I am able to wake alive and I am grateful for the great food I have everyday and I don't have to face hunger. I am grateful for meeting Maria Duval and through her services, I have learned more about life spiritually. I realize that Iwill attract positive things in my life faster such as Love, Money, Peace, Health and Abundance when I am consciously grateful for everything in my life. Thanks Maria Duval and God.