Maria Duval - Colors of Aura

Psychic clairvoyant Maria Dvual uses the variations in the colours and forms at the level of the aura to make a “diagnosis” of the vital energetic system of the individual, and to discern the level - causal, mental, astral and/or etheric - at which the universal cosmic energy is ʻblockedʼ.
Itʼs not easy to define a ʻconstantʼ meaning to the colours of the Aura, because they have many different shades, each one of which may be darker or more luminous. And, the same colour will have a different spiritual meaning depending on its degree of intensity.

Maria Duval - Colors of AuraThe perception of colours is a subtle art, as they merge and transform constantly, particularly at the level of the astral aura, linked to the emotional body.

The psychic vision developed by an authentic clairvoyant will perceive numerous ranges of energy and colour, similar to musical ranges, the resonances of which will depend on their degree of light they radiate.

Maria Duval says that books have been written about how these expressions, incorporate into the language as sayings, actually pertain to the auric colours of the states of mind of the person. The aura takes on the colour black when you are angry, and pink, emanating from the heart, when you are in love.

We shall discuss more on psychic auric colors next week then. :)


Maria Duval - Our Spiritual Aura

According to psychic Maria Duval, our subtle bodies can become ʻjammedʼ with unsuitable energetic vibrations usually due to negative thoughts and emotions such as: obsession, deeply-rooted anxieties, set ideas, mania, anger, hatred, jealously, envy, concupiscence, fear, stress, etc.

When the vital energetic system of an individual is ʻupsetʼ, upsets and Maria Duval - Our Spiritual Auradisturbances can be observed in their aura and chakras, it could affect the clarity of thought and reasoning, and hosts of negative problems in life.

A strong and powerful bio-energetic field, on the contrary, will not only protect the individual from external invasions (disease, upsets, etc.) but also attract ʻgood vibrationsʼ into that personʼs vicinity: in this way we are ʻin stepʼ with Providence; and luck, love, prosperity and health and all on the cards!

For a person with the gift of clairvoyance like Maria Duval, the human aura is made up of a thousand varieties of coloured light; each intensity of light, each coloration of energy, corresponds to a specific vibration and a state of consciousness or a physical state.