Maria Duval - How to use your Seal to make a wish come true

You have most certainly wishes which up util now have not been granted. Let me tell you that with your planetary seal you are at last going to be able to turn your dearest wish into a reality.

To do you, Maria Duval suggests:
- Formulate your wish in one short sentence and write it down in a piece of paper. Remember it by heart.

- On a day is that auspicious for you, at sunrise or sunset, place yourself at the Maria Duval - How to use your Seal to make a wish come truecentre of a room that is as bare as possible.

- Draw a circle around you with a piece of chalk. It does not matter if it leaves no mark on the ground, the main thing being that you have defined the limits of the space around you.

- Turn to face North.

- Place your planetary seal in front of you, at your feet, inside the circle. Put down the paper in which you have just written your wish on top of the seal.

- Formulate your wish in the low whisper and repeat it the number of times equal to your golden number, putting these words before your wish: "Seal (name of your seal), I open my heart to you and entrust my dearest desire to you".

- Repeat this ritual, always choosing one of your propitious days, until your wish is fulfilled.

- In between times roll your planetary seal up again so that you can wear it constantly on your person (except when you are taking a bath or shower)

I hope your wishes come true.