Suggestion to meditate to fill with positive thoughts

Maria Duval explains that when for any reason you find that you are in the middle of a negative act, remind yourself that your thoughts, feelings and images will sooner or later be translated into actions. Every time you find yourself having a negative thought, relax. Then allow it to dissolve and bring your attention for a few seconds to a happy event or even to the positive outcome of your negative thought or state (its antidote).

We need to find a positive solution for every negative thought.

You do not have to make yourself guilty. Do not reproach yourself if a negative thought comes into your mind. Consider it with compassion, be kind and indulgent with yourself, give yourself time.

So Maria Duval suggests you may meditate about this for as long as you can until your whole day is filled with positive thoughts.


Love is opposite of fear

Man since his birth has to undergo suffering in life, lose whatever he has, through the pains of the life and eventually dying. I admit life could be materially pleasant if you have the means to enjoy it, however, spiritually, everyone can't escape from the path of suffering, no matter how rich a person may be. Death, among all, is the greatest suffering, isn't it?

Psychic Maria Duval has said fear is the prime factor in causing this incessant suffering and unless the element of fear is not there, the suffering will continue no matter what.

But now, the good news is, there is actually an antidote. This antidote is the most powerful force in the Universe and there is nothing one can resist it according to Maria Duval.

This antidote is actually available everywhere. It is called LOVE.

Love is the solution to fear and the most powerful force in the universe. Love is the primordial force in the universe and it links or unites everything. Love is also the original substance of each and every one of the prophets and every religion has touched on this unique source.

Love contains everything and makes everything possible. Why is it that powerful?

Love has the power to make you feel wanted, healed or freed from the suffering, even forever. When a religious master performs a miracle, it is done through love. Love is the spiritual representation of God and is totally opposite that of fear which is prevalent among mankind.

So, the thoughts that emanate from love are always brightly positive and benevolent, for they attract their like and bring happiness and good health.


Our Fear

We live in a dual world. By that Maria Duval means there are two opposites of any entity or state. As a result of this duality, many of us view this world as a place where the good and the poor fight it out for a day, the strong and the weak attempting to survive the game called life, to the best, convince and then win. There is no room for emotions or sentiments.

Behind of this duality, there lies an emotion that powers such behaviour among humans, and if you can free from that emotions, your life will change completely.

Maria Duval asks that do people know that this emotion poison attempts to derail anyone from moving forward, to be our own, to be selfish, and even destructs the country.

FEAR is the name of this harmful emotion. Deep down of everyone, even the most confident person you look at, there is this fear.

Fear is the burden that man has carried since the earliest culture on earth. There is one type of fear which affects all men since then till now, that is the fear of dying, because our selfish ego sees that only death can stop itself from growing, and this is directly linked to our survival instincts.


Cultivate on the contrary

I understand most of the time when things are not going our way, a lot of negative thoughts will just creep into our mind. That is very normal as we are just not saints. We have feelings and emotions, we feel depressed when things are not turning out how we want them to be.

And when the flow of things is not going to your side, fear may set in. Fear is the greatest obstacle that you will encounter in your life. Fear can overwhelm, control or threaten a person. It is the evil poison of the mind. It leaves you paralysed and simply stuck there due to the absence of the courage.

Psychic Maria Duval teaches, when fear or negative emotions appear, you must draw its attention to its opposite. By this it means you must really understand and remember that negative act like fear or violence, has its source in greed, anger, deceit and that it is an inexhaustible source of suffering.

If you really understand that, it will gradually chase away your negative thoughts and give you a bright positive mind. Maria Duval suggests to meditate on this issue of concern and put them into practice in our daily life, for doing so may improve or save you from great suffering and help to attract luck to you.


The way of being lucky and happy

What you think is all under your thoughts, and this world is the reality created by all people's thoughts. Even your own physical body is nothing but what you have thought and it is also under the control of your mind.

The great master, Buddha, said, "Everything we are was created by our thoughts."

Everyone yearns to be happy in life and that is a very basic common desire of us. It is also normal for us to wish to be loved and recognised for what we have done and who we are. This sounds simple yet how many people truly understands its profound meaning?

If you are able to, you will attract more luck to yourself, because you will attract the favours of people you approach and even people you don't know.

Lucky is not merely all about chances, as luck is also linked to the merits you have accumulated in your previous lives, all in according to the law of karma, says psychic Maria Duval. You reap and you sow, the irrefutable law of larma.

Base on this, to attract more luck, change your intrinsic thoughts positively. Follow the company of friends who are positive and helpful to each other, as this is what wise men do.

Contribute when you can, with all your heart and be fair to yourself and everyone around you. All in all, do something good to people around without the selfish thought of expecting something in return from them.


End your day with Meditation

Psychic Maria Duval says that meditation is a great way to concentrate your mind and to improve your intuition with the potential to bring you to the higher spiritual level. Meditation is an excellent way in which you can connect with your Inner Soul and to know yourself better in a spiritual term.

Meditation should be done at the end of the way and the best time to meditate is of course before you go to bed.

Begin by sitting down in a comfortable chair or you may lying down on your bed, but do not fall asleep. It takes just about 10 to 15 minutes daily.

Once you have settled down, close our eyes and reflect at the events that have gone through over the day.

Clear images of what happen during the day will float into your mind like a video player playing a series of clips. Take special note of the words and actions you have done that day, and feel their meanings to you and to those around you.

Ask, are you happy with your day and what you have done?

Or are there any way that you may have improved yourself or for others today?

Importantly, reflect on what you have learned from today, and what lessons have you drawn from it?

All of this time, allow your heart and your intuition to speak and you will gradually get into the groove of the meditation.

I would like to end this post with this. Maria Duval says your heart and your intuition are the doorway through which you can touch the Divine, and also the means which it will communicate with you.


The Fear within

There is one Chinese saying "A piece of paper cannot be used to wrap the fire". This literally means that anything that is hidden, no matter how secretive it is, will be revealed one day. The more you fear and the more you try to hide it, the worst it will become because the fear inside you attracts, as do the things you deny as you have already been carrying them inside you through your fear.

According to psychic Maria Duval, human emotions are very strong pulling magnetic stones that pull in their similar objects they face. Hate pulls in more hate while love attracts more love, in one form or other. If this hate is left without control, it will lead to extremely negative consequences that will harm yourself and your loved ones around.

That is why psychic Maria Duval says we must all conquer this vicious cycle of negative energies if we can. Learn more from Maria for her spiritual guidance.