Maria Duval on Dodecahedron

Maria Duval says that of all the shapes used in the "science of waves of form", the "dodecahedron" is the most fascinating as it possesses multiple advantages like it does not need recharging, unlike other forms like talismans, pentacles and etc which require recharging in order to refill it with positive energy so that they can perform at optimal level at all time.

Also the energy emitted from dodecahedron will always be directed towards harmonisation with the Universal Life force. Hence Maria Duval regards it as an object with superlative vibratory power. It is easy to see why as this is an object with twelve pentagonal faces.

Twelve is quite unique in astrological sense. There are twelve months in a year and there are twelve zodiac signs. In tarot, it corresponds to the card of Hanged Man, that often results in a fruitful and fertile outcome.

Maria Duval further puts that Man is also a pentagon on a physical level, and on the spiritual level. For example, the manifestations of five virtues: love, wisdom

Maria Duval adds that pentagonal form have special properties too. It symbolises the five senses, sight, sound, feel, taste and smell. Touch being the closest sense to matter, has its main body part - finger - which has five fingers. These fingers are really the "antenna" to pick up on certain specific astral influences. The thumb is linked to Venus, the index finger to Jupiter, the middle finger to Saturn and ring finger to the Sun. The little finger is linked to Mercury.

So for these reasons, it is good to perform a simple ritual when you are using your dodecahedron. Lift your hands to the sky while concentrating on each one of your fingers to attract the beneficial influences of these heavenly objects.

In conclusion, Maria Duval states that by putting a dodecahedron near to you, you will benefit from its magical properties and you will progressively develop these qualities within you, all thanks to the powerful "waves of form" that it emits.