Life's changed since I know Maria Duval

I would like to say that since I have known Maria Duval, many positive changes have taken place in my life. Life is now so much happier, filled with love, luck, money, abundance. Similarly i feel more energy and strength too. The money I refer here is not those big amounts, but amount of money that comes when I least expected it, like from lottery wins, lucky draws and etc. An old friend even wrote me a cheque for an amount she owed me years ago and this is something I have totally forgotten!

Maria Duval, thanks!

Maria Duval ThanksWithout a doubt, I have regarded Maria Duval as a good pal of mine who I can trust on. I wish her the best and would people please stop accusing her. I have never lost any money with her and she refunded me a few times for psychic practises that couldn't work out just as she has promised me.

My wish is that one day I can accumulate a good amount of money in my savings to that I can fly to Europe to thank Maria Duval personally. That would be a great moment in my life I believe.

Thanks Mdm Maria Duval.


Taking control of your Emotions

Emotions are the driving force behind our success and progression, otherwise we will be like lifeless souls roaming on this world. However, it must be said that just like thoughts, emotions must be contained properly and channelled as emotions that go out of control could lead to events that are disastrous, like the tragic incident that happened in a German school yesterday, and many innocent people were killed. That happened because the young men had let his emotion went over his head and he spent his youthful energy on being hateful and negative rather than seeing the brighter side of life.

Maria Duval thinks that people who master their emotions do have a more powerful personality, more defined ideas and decision decisions. These people are true goal achievers and succeed in tasks they take.

Emotions I think are amazing. Something which is really beyond words can describe. It can lead you to positive or negative actions that can transform your life. Maria Duval advices on hand that if one can focus one's emotions with the powers of the mind, and set the focus sharply on an objective like a ray of sunlight under magnifying glass, the objective will be drawn to you just like iron is attracted to a bar of iron.

Do not ever let any obstacles stop this natural function of your being but instead try to harness it so that it can be utilised to assist you to drive quicker forwards to the finishing line you aim at.

There is a great method for you to control your emotions and that is the highly recommended meditation. Meditation enables you to process your emotions or to align them in a way that suits your objective.

Yes, Maria Duval says try to make use of music as an emotional stimulant because music has the intensity, verve, and subtlety to rouse, sooth or bring out your inner creative potential. Just be known to choose the right kind of music for the awakening of your creative forces.


Maria Duval on Consciousness

If you have been following this blog, you probably would know I write about positive attitude, visualisation, affirmations, Maria Duval, chakra and spirituality. It would be no surprise to you today because I am going to write something which is like things out of the law of attraction textbook.

Have you watched this movie called "The Secret", or read some books about controlling your own destiny? If so, this will probably makes sense and be of some help. Here goes:

Maria Duvals says there are 4 areas of consciousness which you can define.

  • Victim consciousness - things happen to me.

  • Manifestation, taking control - things happen by me.

  • Co-creating with your higher power - things happen through me.

  • Highest level of consciousness - things happen as me.

Where am I? I think still stuck at level 1. So to get it out, Maria Duval offers the following 6 pointers.

  • Visualise what you want, write it down, be specific.

  • Discard denials --throw away any self doubts and denials you have.

  • Create your own positive affirmative statements.

  • Have faith with own ability to make things happen.

  • Talk it, write it, do it. ACTION!

  • Discover your inner spiritual power to tap into that higher power to guide you.


    Maria Duval - the right mindset

    This is a simple concept. The thing is not many people understand it's simple power to bring positive changes in your life. If you are one, then you are not alone. So now let's understand positive affirmation again. Maria Duval says a positive affirmation is a personal statement using a word or phrase to create a desired condition or outcome.

    The tragic case is that people typically find it easier to affirm the negative about themselves. For example, when your boss sends you an email, your first reaction would be, oh no, he/she is picking on your mistakes again! Or you receive bill, you would tell yourself, oh no, i still have so much to pay off my home loan, instead of thinking my home loan is getting lesser as months go by.

    Maria Duval however shares with you the good news that you can change your inner dialogue with positive affirmations. To create any positive change in your life, you must first change your thoughts. Once you change your thoughts, your feelings will naturally change, and your actions will follow. Profound results from those changes will drastically improve any area of your life.


    Maria Duval talks about a ship in a stormy sea

    Maria Duval's prosperity rule number 2 states that to be wealthy in life is a series of tasks and processes we got to stick on closely. We need to have clearly defined goal, stick to it, until we achieved it. Once we never divert from the path we have set, luck and fortunate breaks will come in because what we sown earlier have born fruits.

    Besides this, Maria Duval also says that it is advisable that we use our creative visualisation ability to visualise what form of success we want to have in the future. Is it going to be a grand house? Lots of cash? You need to decide what you want to paint it so vividly in your mind that one day it will turn out real in your life.

    Do you know that flimsy ideas will produce flimsy results? Yes it is important to be precise and exact. Maria Duval has told me not to expect anything less when we embark on a project; set out from the block to be a winner. You need to go about it with a definite idea of everything you wish to accomplish. Maria Duval asks, so in this case, why are so many people never succeeded in their lives to achieve things they deserve?

    According to a survey in which one hundred people was interviewed, only 6 people clearly knew what they wanted in life. The rest were just contented, like a ship without a rudder in the middle of a stormy sea. Maria says that a good captain of the ship will make adjustments and calculations all the time to ensure that the ship reaches the destination safely and accurately. In life we should just be like that, shouldn't we?

    Maria Duval suggests that you remind yourself daily with a powerful reaffirming phrase like "each day i am getting nearer and nearer to be goal and getting rich". If repeated many times, this will instil in you a tremendous psychological power. Yes, start doing that today! Know what you want in life first!


    Truth about Happiness

    There are many levels of happiness. The most important is you should feel good about yourself. A sense of positive expectation as you set off to explore the potentials which your life has to offer in terms of spiritual growth and self improvement. I feel it's really about experiencing new and meaningful realities that make you feel good about who you think you are, don't you think so?

    Maria Duval thinks that happiness is a sense of positive self identity at any one time of your every day life. Happiness is expansive emotion that includes love, joy, kindness, confidence and compassion. You cannot have love without happiness nor happiness without love in some degree.

    Your life is all about you: your experiences, your learning, your relationships, your contribution, your personality and above all, your identity. The path to discovering your identity and creating it daily, is what your life journey is all about. It's not about what you do or achieve; it's not about what you have; it's all about who you are even while you continue to become.

    So let's dive in where few dare to go. The truth about happiness depends on accepting the truth of who you are. And this is precisely your greatest task in life.

    How do you do this? How do you discover who you are and where you have come from? The answer lies within your own spirit: never outside of you, always and only within your own heart. Psychic Maria Duval would like to assure you that a whole new world will open up for you, a marvellous, empowering experience that will indeed reveal the ultimate truth about happiness: your happiness.