We "sign" agreements all the time

As we grow up, we "signed" thousands of agreements with ourselves and others, like partners, parents, friends and God, says Maria Duval. But the most important ones are those that you have "signed" with yourself. Through these agreements, you have labelled subconsciously as what you are, what you feel, what you think it is and how to behave. So the end result is called your "personality".

You say "this is what i am, this is what I believe. There are some things I can do and others I can't. There is reality, this is imaginable, this is possible, that's impossible."

Any of these agreements alone poses little problem, but in any number they make you suffer and fail in life. If you want to have a happy and prosperous life, you must find the determination to break these agreements founded on fear and reclaim your personal power, as what Maria teaches.


Need to be accepted

Think about this: Some people allow others to behave appallingly towards them and will even put up with being hit, humiliated and treated as if they were worthless. Why is that so, asks Maria Duval? This is because in their belief system, they are saying to themselves: "I deserve it. This person is doing me a favour by being with me. I don't deserve love and respect. I haven't been good enough."

We have a need to be accepted and loved by others, but we are incapable of accepting and loving ourselves. The more self-respect a person has, the kinder they are to ourselves is the result of a rejection of the self, which is in turn is the result of a failure to live up to an image of perfection that is impossible to achieve.

So, this whole infernal mechanism or vicious cycle is sustained and governed by fear!


False beliefs clutter our mind

Since the earliest of ancient times and history, mankind is always seeking truth, justice and beauty, since we are all spiritual creations. We seek for truth because we only believe the lies that are etched on our mind. We search for justice because it does not exist in our belief system.

However, clairvoyant and psychic Maria Duval says that we do not find the truth because we cannot see it, obscured as it is by the agreements that we have given and false beliefs that clutter our minds. Human beings have a need to be right and consider others wrong. They have confidence in their beliefs and it is these beliefs that condemn them to their suffering...

The result is that we lack the authenticity and we wear social masks to ensure that other people don't see this. We are so afraid that someone will discover that we are not who we pretend to be.


Seeking the truth

Clairvoyant Maria Duval says that the reason why life is so difficult to many is because their lives are governed by fear. If you look around, you'll soon realise that our beautiful world is not beautiful to some as they experience human suffering, anger, vengeful thoughts, violence, fighting and other atrocities. All of these are just a reflection of a "dream" injustice.

In essence, all mankind is seeking truth, justice and beauty. We are on a continual question for truth because we only believe the lies that are etched on our mind. We search for justice because it doesn't exist in our belief system.

We never cease searching, but all is already within us! In fact life goes on as if we were moving through a fog. This is nothing but a dream, a personal "life dreams" made up of our beliefs, all the ideas we have about what we are, all the agreements that we have made with others, ourselves and even with God.


We are playing roles since young

There are a lot of rules for us to follow, ever since the time we begin to learn about what is right and wrong during very young age. There are punishments awaiting us if we do "wrong" and rewards if we do "right". Hence we begin to fear being punished or not getting our rewards.

Later we learn there is a need to gain attention in order to receive these rewards and the gratification that we received from feeling alive and loved. We continue to do what others want us to do and it makes us feel good when there are rewards. Gradually, pretensions set in, just to please others or to receive these rewards.

Clairvoyant Maria Duval states that by trying to please others, we are playing our roles. We want to be someone we are not out of fear of rejection. Ultimately we become someone other than ourselves.