Maria Duval: A simple explanation of tarot card reading

mariaduval tarotI am sure many people are puzzled by the act of tarot card fortune-telling because what can a deck of cards tell? What are those pictures mean? I am also very puzzled by it and still I am puzzled today.

I search the internet for some answers and here is the summary of what I have found out. Some of the knowledge I learn from Maria Duval's book too.

Tarot cards go beyond the pictures we see on them and they indeed can gain us a greater understanding of the world around us. These cards could mean a journey we must take or a task in life we must embark. Tarot could be regarded as a tool of divination and through a reading session one could seek personal information through a card interpreter, often a psychic or medium. Maria Duval should be an expert in this area I bet.

A person first shuffles the card deck and then lays them on the table. Then the person picks out some cards with them facing down. Once done, the chosen cards are handed to a psychic who will place them down face up on the table in a certain way which is called the spread.

One of the most popular spreads is the Celtic cross and is used to give a general reading. But to ensure you receive the best results your Tarot card reader will select the best spread for the question you are asking.

For example they will change their layout of the cards for love readings, relationship readings, money readings etc. Many people can be very concerned when certain cards arise especially the Death card.

Death card does not mean you are going to die soon if you happen to pick one. It just means that certain tasks or chapters in your life are about to complete. Importantly, the tarot card reader will not look at the cards when during your reading otherwise there is no point having a session as anyone can just tell you what the cards mean!

Through this simple explanation of the tarot card reading, I hope you have gained an insight into this form of psychics. I also hope any disbeliever would just open up their minds and see what tarot is all about before dismissing them. Maria Duval is a tarot expert, if you are sure of your reading, you may contact Maria to.

Right, stop here for today... time to do some reading and meditation, lol :)

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Maria Duval - Benefits of meditation

Hi, good to be back, I had a wonderful day at office as I managed to resolve a difficult case after few days of meetings and negotiations. It's tiring but nice to see the back of it. Back to home after a long day and I continue to update some information for this blog because it seems to be part of my daily schedule now. Maria Duval would be happy to have me as her supporter.

Yesterday i mentioned a bit about meditation and I think today I will delve more into it.

As you know, if you meditate regularly, you will surely know about its benefits to the spiritual system of your body because it can really help to make you feel calm, focused and relaxed. Meditation has also been proved to be helpful in relieving the stress and anxiety of the body thus reducing the chances of getting chronic diseases. In short, I think Maria Duval has mentioned something about meditation that allows you to maintain chemical balances that help regulate the nervous system and reduce stress.



I am thinking that everyone is intuitive by nature and anyone can use own intuition to resolve daily problems. Do you agree? Also each person has different level of intuition because it all depends on the scale of your spiritual health. Those who are strong spiritually are highly intuitive.

What is intuition really? Intuition is nothing but all about the way you communicate with your inner self. Psychics like Maria Duval all have great intuition that's why they have clairvoyant ability. In fact everyone has some intuition just that the level is weak and we got to work to strengthen my spiritual health. According to what I have read, there are several ways to increase your spiritual health and the 2 most important ones are staying positive and meditation.

If you are positive in thoughts, you will free the worries from your body and that is excellent physically too because it will increase your body resistance to diseases. Having a positive, calm and relaxed mind is also better in picking up signals sent to you by the inner self.

Through meditation, it will soothe your body and soul. It also relaxes your mind and cures your emotional wounds. The quiet time you have will also allow you to communicate with your inner self. That's why all the spiritual leaders meditate. When I always look for time to meditate, maybe 15 or 30 mins before bed time every night. It makes you sleep better too.


Maria Duval's guide 21 Feb to 4 Mar 2007

It's getting late this Sunday night and I am reading through the my own precise guide before I sign off the day. I like to read about the guide a few times so that it really gets into my spirit. I shall post the guide I am reading to here.

During this period, as personalised and predicted for me by Maria Duval, I will demonstrate optimism and positive thought during this period. I will reach a point of equilibrium in my life both psychologically as well as physically. This will be an ideal time to reorganise certain areas in my life and to develop longer term projects.

Maria Duval also says for me that my relations with those in authority and power will be good and I might receive some gratification in recompense for my work.

Generally, my life will pass off calmly, without any major problem and I will probably want to take advantage of this without asking myself too many questions.

Lastly, this will be a favorable period to embark on studies and travel as well as for negotiations, transactions of all kinds, to extend business, deal and etc.

Sounds like exciting for me, thanks Maria Duval.

Our life experience is divine!

Every experience you have in life is divine.

Why do I say that? Do you believe me when I claim each of these experiences is a gift to you, whether good or bad experiences, which may put our lives in bliss or turn our lives around. These experiences come and go. Everyday, it happens. It seems like a regular normal clock.

And we always get annoyed when we don't receive when the fact is you are receiving in life all the time but you do not know it as you are blocked by your own judgement. Imagine that your lungs exclaim, "I can't exhale for you because some peter need this air more than you." This is not possible, right?

However, if I look at it with another angle and ask, what will my life be like when I give and receive from a place of love and abundance? Just imagine looking back on my experiences from that place of love and flow and now I really see the gifts. I also see how they are important in my own spiritual growth and I will finally realize how beautiful I have become due to those divine experiences.

Therefore I say, everybody's experience is a divine gift of give and receive. This is the simple brick of human lives. When I finish this post, it is already after 3am Sunday morning. In this quietness of the wee morning hours, I feel that my spiritual experience has received much. It is time that I learn to give more. I also have to thank Maria Duval for some of her divine guidance at all times. Maria Duval has really taught me a lot.