Maria Duval - Cultivation Of Your Mind For Wealth And Prosperity

According to Maria Duval, assets such as physical beauty, luck and even the use of magic can of course favor the arrival of fortune. But you can be sure that without the right frame of mind, without the appropriate attitude – that some call the "millionaire mentality" – it’s almost not possible to draw in money into your life.

So the first stage on your path to prosperity, wealth and material comfort concerns your state of mind, as you cultivate and develop your attitude towards money.

Properly channeled and in harmony with the creative laws of the Universe, the power of your thoughts really can "trigger" success, giving you access to everything you want out of life.

You will no doubt already have noticed how positive, determined people are always the ones that achieve the most brilliant success. One thing they have in common is strength of character, engendered and maintained by the formidable power of their mind, which they have learned to maximise.

What others can do, you can do too.

Whatever your personal circumstances, your life is no more and no less than the fruits of your ‘thought-seeds’, planted in the garden of your past. Everyone who has ever become rich has done so because they firmly believed in the constructive powers of their positive thought.

It is this principle that contains the first of the great positive thoughts for attracting and keeping money, success and prosperity.

So start seeing money for what it really is: life energy, a symbol of change representing freedom from need, prosperity, comfort and beauty. As soon as you are no longer harbouring false ideas about money (money is neither dirty nor bad, nor dangerous in itself; although spiritually maladjusted human beings are a danger to themselves), it will be easy to develop positive and constructive thoughts that have the power to attract money.

Be sure of one thing: you were born to succeed, to triumph over adversity, to develop all the divine talents and resources that lie dormant deep within you. And know that you can find a simple solution to all your money problems, by starting to apply, from now onwards, the rules for wealth.