Maria Duval - How To Contact With Your Intuition

More often still, intuition translates directly into action; you are impelled to do or say the right thing at the right time, or events seem spontaneously to flow in the required way, or perhaps friends or strangers are compelled to act favourably towards you, even when their intentions are quite the opposite. The solution emerges where before it seemed that nothing could be done!

Maria Duval recommends that you establish and maintain an ongoing connection with your intuition, whatever form it takes. You must understand that your intuition is a part of your intelligence and of the Divine Conscience, with sole power to bring you the riches you desire. Tell yourself that it’s an ‘Inner Guide’ ready to endow your business with a profitability that far exceeds the norm.

So, every time you encounter a situation of conflict or competition, with one or several people, every time you are on the point of doing something important, in whatever area (money, love, work, etc.) ask your intuition – your ‘spiritual me’ – to inspire and guide you swiftly through to the best outcome.

Follow this piece of advice: don’t do anything without having previously consulted with your inner conscience through the medium of your intuition.

How can you facilitate contact with your intuition?

Set aside the left-hand side of your brain, which is nothing more than the instrument of your cerebral reasoning and your limited objective faculties, and make the right-hand side of your brain work, the side that is home to your intuition.

To do this, formulate your wish or question in the secret depths of your heart, then allow whatever comes to flow (an idea, a thought, a feeling, mental image, sound, emotion, memory, etc.). This generally works better in a calm atmosphere that favours your concentration and state of meditation. Relax, breath slowly and deeply, without forcing your breath. Close your eyes if you feel the need.

Even if at the start you can’t always hear that ‘little inner voice’, don’t worry, it’s because it has been muzzled for so long through ignorance or error for you to hear it straight off, among all the incoherent brouhaha of your parasite thoughts and emotions.

At the end, Maria Duval suggests persevering with this type of introversion: the part of your mind that is naturally linked to the Infinite Cosmic Intelligence and Wisdom will send you inspirations that will allow you to achieve the goals you have set yourself… inevitably. All it needs is a little attention and some confidence on your part to use it and act on it, because it cannot overrule you.