Transforming Your Anger

Psychic Maria Duval explains that anger is a emotional reaction we possess to guard your integrity when you feel your personal borders have been intruded, or invaded. Anger is a reactive way of saying NO to an injustice or a violation.

Justified anger is immediate, clear and requires no explanation. It is like a bared teeth of a lioness protecting her catch. Real anger is focused on a very specific object and is perfectly justified. By expressing it, you expose what is unsuitable and defend your integrity in a way that is beneficial to everyone concerned.

Anger, if uncontrolled, is highly destructive and can lead to social, national and family tragedies and wars. Therefore anger is the most repressed emotion in our society.

Maria Duval says if only we learn to get angry in the right way protecting our territory against a real threat of invasion, anger would be an appropriate response, a suitable reaction to resolve the challenges we are facing, a remedy devoid of negative effects. Instead, it tends to be a chronic illness whose powerlessness is ultimately destructive.

Anger if express appropriately can be transformed to a feeling of compassion because you will understand what drive the other person to cross your "borders".

Some ways to transform anger to compassion.

- Hit your pillows with your mighty strength.
- Take a deep breath.
- Shout out loudly by the seaside.
- Writing "angry" letters.

The purpose is to release the pent-up lousy feeling deep inside you. To get rid of this gush of negative energy that can be harmful. Once this is released, you can somehow understand and empathise why the other party makes you angry in the first place.

Try it and you'll learn something uniquely special.