Zodiac signs and your personality

What star sign or zodiac you belong to means the position of the Sun is near that star sign at the time of your birth. If the Sun was in the position of Aries when you were born, you are an Aries and your general personality is "outgoing".

maria duval horoscope

  • Aquarius January 20-February 18 - Independent
  • Pisces February 19-March 20 - Impressionable
  • Aries March 21-April 19 - Outgoing
  • Taurus April 20-May 20 - Conservative
  • Gemini May 21-June 21 - Versatile
  • Cancer June 22-July 22 - Emotional
  • Leo July 23-August 22 - Authoritative
  • Virgo August 23-September 22 - Exacting
  • Libra September 23-October 23 - Helpful
  • Scorpio October 24-November 21 - Determined
  • Sagittarius November 22-December 21 - Optimistic
  • Capricorn December 22-January 19 - Cautious
Source: http://www.psychic-junkie.com/horoscope-junkie.html


Some benefits of Meditation

A simple listing of what mediation can do to your well-being:

maria duval meditation

  • Improved health and wellbeing
  • Improved concentration
  • Improved energy
  • Improved relationships
  • Improved performance
  • Improved efficiency
  • Improved tolerance and patience
  • Improved understanding
  • Improved sense of direction and purpose
  • Improvement in every aspect of your life
Source: http://www.meditation-for-all.com/

Vibratory state of thoughts

Do you know that the state of poverty is corresponds to the vibratory states of thoughts in us? When a person's vibratory state is sufficiently correct and positive, this person will finally receive the goodness and benefits from the Universe.

So if you are currently facing difficulties in your work, business or life, why not examine yourself what is the main cause of it to go wrong. Sometimes a simple change to a positive mindset works like magic! As long as there is a tint of negativity in your thought, that could just reset your vibratory state to that of a failure mechanism in your brain. The more constructive thoughts in your mind, the more you will progress towards wealth and prosperity.

To conclude what I learn from Maria Duval is that the incessant repetition of thoughts whether negative or positive, amplifies the original subconscious belief. The result of it is that there is greater material manifestations.


Better not to have these in your head

Maria Duval says there is a need to control your thoughts. Sadly, many of us use thoughts in a very damaging way. Their fears, anxieties, worries. This often cause complications and unfavourable events appearing in their lives.

The type of thought that is lingering in your head also has significant influence on your health. Let me explain more. I have a friend who always feels bitter, that everyone is against her, whether in personal life or in the work. Things are always tight up when she's around. When something happens, she gets work up personally even though it's not her fault. Soon, her life gets very edgy. She's getting suspicious towards everyone. Mentally she is really not in her sort. I hope she'll recover back to her old vivacious self.

Some thoughts are better left in the rubbish chute as they constitute a real danger and should be removed forever from your thoughts. These could mean something like "I'm not able to do it", "It's just not going to happen to me", or, "I'm just not as lucky as him".


Think positive as much as you can

Let me repeat again. Do not be drawn along by those very negative and destructive thoughts because they will bring you harmful consequences. Instead, always think positive about the events, even though the situation may appear bleak and hopeless that you are thinking of giving all up. No, never give up...

Some people are privileged in life as they are naturally born optimist who think positively. But they are in a minority.

Psychic Maria Duval says our thoughts is like a seed that grows, develops into a tree that will bear fruits. What kind of fruits depend on what kind of seed you are sowing.

Hence, the selection of your thoughts is vital for creating the material and psychic consequences throughout your life. The more you confirm about your certain thought, the more it will grow in your subconscious. Eventually, that will constitute your set of personal beliefs and values.

Thought is Centre of all

Thought is very precious. It is a kind of psychic energy generated by intelligent beings. All successes in whatever area, depends directly on the powerful thought process. If there is no thought, nothing will exist and nothing is possible hence nothing comes true.

Psychic Maria Duval assures you that if you had not doubted until now the creative force of your thought, if you had believed in its very real power, you would have achieved many things in your life, you would have doubtlessly achieved happiness, because you know how to take advantage of your luck cycles.

If you have been unaware of the importance of your thoughts and have been unable to receive any fair share of luck in your life, do not despair, because from now on, psychic Maria Duval is able to guide and teach you to use your thoughts in the most favourable way.


Thought is psychic manifestation

Maria Duval says that thought is the psychic manifestation of our spiritual aspect (mind) in the body, through the intermediary of the brain. Each of your thought reflects on your mind whether or not you are aware of it. The type of thought you have at any given time, shows the vibratory state of your mind at that time.

Therefore, if you change your thoughts, you can change the quality and quantity of the vibrations of your mind. Since the mind has a continuous impact on the matter, you also change the effect the mind has on the material level, or in other words, on your life circumstances.

Through this, Maria Duval thinks this is the most efficient and certain means of becoming master of the course of your life and achieving success and happiness with far greater ease.


A Choice

Everyone has the chance, numerous times a day, to give an opinion on something, to accept or to refuse certain proposals, to choose to act or not, to speak or not, to do or not, whether to remain silent or voice out.

In other words, there is always this permanent interaction between man and his environment: the individual will always, despite the obstacles, have a degree of free that can be used for good or bad.

As psychic Maria Duval has said, her gifts as a medium have enabled her to identify a "block" originating in an unfavourable astral influence which is having an impact on a person's life.


It happens for a reason

In the law of Karma, it is stated that everything that happens in the universe has a cause and it happens for a reason. This is the same in your life. Just take a look around you and you will understand this is a clear reality. The cause and effect occur everywhere around you.

Psychic Maria Duval gives a very simple yet logical example of this cause and effect. When you let go of an object, that object falls, isn't it? So this object does not fall for no reason; it is because you have let it go loose and it falls.

Apparently, we are all free to choose whether to adopt a positive or negative mindset. There is a choice. Ultimately, you either block your success or your create something that favours success.