Maria Duval: Action for your success

Maria Duval says, a determined mind is a powerful mind, because it attracts to it things that it wants.

How true.

Thought and plan are useless if there is no action. Action is essential and vital for the success. Set the goal, transform the positive thoughts, make the right decisions and act with all your might until you are on the way to achieving the goal.

Action is what will make you reach your goal. I can't stress more about that. If there is no action, all your thoughts are just fantasies. Most importantly, we should be fearless about making a mistake. Haven't you heard about this 'to err is human'? What is more serious is paralyzed by your mistakes.

The error is the precursor to ultimate success. Do not give up. Success will come to you in the end. What is to be done is to analyzed the fears and overcome it so that you know what obstacles to remove on your path to success.


A person's destiny

I believe that a person's destiny is greatly influenced by Heaven, Earth and Luck. From the day we are born into this world, each of us are predestined or prearranged with this special code of destiny that would influence various part of our life. Psychics like Maria Duval can based on this special arrangement and deduce your probable future scenarios. Think about it.

And to just add on, I must say that you are lucky to have arrived here into this world healthily. Well, some are just not as fortunate as you. As much as they would like to be just as healthy as most, they were born into this world with a little disability. This is what we would call Heaven Luck.


Maria Duval: Law of attraction

Today I am going to write something that has been said repeatedly by Maria Duval in her many books.

Do you know that science has shown us that everything that is in this world is energy, and that includes the chair I am sitting on now to type this post and the light of the room I turn on to brighten this room. Even human thoughts exist as energy too, the stronger the thought, the strong your mind energy. Most important, what thought you have will attract the similar effect in return to as your inherent thought energy vibrates to the outside. Thus this is the reason why you will attract what you have in your thoughts and this is commonly known as Law of Attraction.

Your inner thoughts, self-talk, feelings, and overall attitude create an energy that acts as a magnet to bring into your life material results that match the energy of your inner world. This is a universal law that works for everyone. So it is crucial that you become aware of your internal energy field.

The more you become aware of the vibrational energy of your thoughts and feelings, the better you will be able to operate the Law of Attraction to draw to you a rich, abundant life.

I wish you have a fruitful time with Maria Duval.


Maria Duval - success in life

When young, I used to wonder why some people could be so rich and prosperity they wanted yet my parents were at the other end of the scale. They must be very lucky, I thought. My parents would tell me, the rich lived in this type of house, the rich drove big cars etc..

When I grew up, I began to ponder the reason. If you look through the past posts of this blog, you should be able to grasp some reasonings based on some spiritual teachings by psychics or philosophers. My spirituality guidance Maria Duval has taught me this repeatedly about this fact of life.

Why are some people so successful and rich in life and get to the very top? It is actually quite simple, they just do what their guts tell them without looking back. It is rather simple, isn't it? People often like to complicate matters and then they sentence themselves by declaring the tasks could not be accomplished even before they really start trying.

Every day at the start of each day, tell yourself that you have the capability and confidence to do whatever tasks you face each day and that you are the best out there. This is get into your mind subconsciously. Once you have burned the impetus and get it going, you will begin to take actions to realize your tasks, and with this winning mentality, you have the basic formula of success in you. Of course, you need to get realistic goals that are within your ability.

Ultimately, your mental attitude counts every bit into the overall success formula. A positive mindset will bring you to places many men cannot reach. A keenness to learn is important too. Remember this life teaching by psychic Maria Duval and soon you will climb all the way to the top of your profession.