Maria Duval - How to tell if your Brow Chakra is open and balanced?

Clairvoyant Maria Duval says that if your Brow Chakra is open and fully developed (very few people have this condition), you definitely have a great capacity for visualisation and you undersatnd many things intuitively. Your mind, your intellect can concentrate easily and at the same time remain open to all the mystical truths.

Also you become more and more aware that the visible aspects of things are only an image, a symbol through which the spiritual element is manifested down on the material plane. Your mind is full of idealism and imagination. You may realise, from time to time, that your ideas are being realised spontaneously.

As much Maria Duval states that the more your Third Eye develops, the more your mind draws on direct inner knowledge of reality, the more you are guided by a reliable intuition. Your perception of the world changes completely. You break the narrow bounds of the rational mind and your spontaneously integrate all the information you pick up into your fund of knowledge. The material world becomes transparent to you. Your extra sensory perception allows you to directly see the forces at work behind the facade of appearances. Your intuition and your inner vision give you access to all the subtle planes of reality.


Maria Duval - The Sixth Chakra; Brow Chakra

Now I will write about Maria Duval's explanation for the Sixth Chakra, or Ajna Chakra or Brow Chakra. It is situated just above the nose, between the eyebrows. Famously known as the Third Eye. It is linked to the pituitary gland and associated with the element Space or Ether. The Sixth Chakra represents vision of life, self-knowledge, the ability to discern, creative imagination, clarity and unity.

The third eye is the seat of all the processes to do with expanding consciousness. Its activity enables us to create new situations, new realities in the physical and material world, and also to dissolve old realities because they have become obsolete, irrelevant. However, for the vast majority, this process is automatic and takes place without any conscious intervention. Most of the thoughts determining our lives are ruled by our rigid emotional conditioning and programmed by our own judgements and prejudices, along with those of other people.

Psychic Maria Duval explains that our intellect, our mind, is not always the master, but often a slave to our emotion-riddled thoughts over which we only have minimal control. However, these thoughts become realities, in the true sense, in our lives, because what we experience externally is always just a manifestation, in the end, of our subjective internal reality.

By expanding awareness and gradually opening the third eye, the human becomes increasingly capable of controlling this process of raising an idea or desire. Fundamental knowledge arrives via intuition, clairvoyance and all other forms of extra-sensory perception. So things that were only sensed very vaguely before, now become clear and precise perceptions.


Maria Duval - Throat Chakra; Signs of inharmonious functioning

Maria Duval states that if energies are trapped in Throat Chakra, the relationship between the mind and body is upset. Either you have problems reflecting about your feelings and you tend to express your stifled emotions through rather thoughtless actions, or, you take refuge in rationalism and deny your feelings the right to exist. You can only accept certain emotions that have been approved by your own judgement and don't upset the opinions of your loved ones.

Subconscious guilt complexes and anxieties prevent you from seeing yourself or showing yourself as you really are, and from openly expressing your most intimate needs, sensations and thoughts. On the contrary, your try to hide them behind a barrage of words and gestures, so that you don't give yourself away. You won't allow yourself to appear in a position of weakness, and you will do anything you possibly can to maintain the impression of strength. Thus, you put pressure on yourself with your own demands. You sometimes feel that the tasks of life are weighing too heavily on you.

Maria Duval says that this does not rule out you possessing deep inner knowledge, however you daren't live by it or express it, because you are afraid of being judged by others or worried about finding yourself isolated. Free access to the messages of the Soul is blocked, and your faith in your intuitive powers dwindles to virtually nothing.


Maria Duval - How to tell if Throat Chakra is open and balanced

Clairvoyant Maria Duval says that if your Throat Chakra is open and functioning harmoniously, you will be fearless in expressing your feelings, your thoughts and your inner discoveries. You are just as capable of showing your weaknesses as your strengths. Your honesty with yourself and others, manifests itself through your straight attitude.

You have the ability to express yourself fully, with your whole being, in an orginal and creative way. You can easily hold your tongue if you feel this is appropriate, and you have the gift of listening to others using your heart and inner understanding. You don't allow yourself to be influenced by other people's opinions.

On the contrary, Maria Duval notes that you maintain your right to independence and self determination. Your lack of prejudice makes you open to the reality of subtle planes. Through your inner voice, you receive information from higher astral planes, which guides you through your life. You accept this guidance with implicit trust.

Lastly, Maria Duval says that your language is very imaginative but also very clear. It expresses your intention very effectively so that your desires can be fulfilled. When confronted with difficulties and opposition, you remain true to yourself and you are capable of saying "no" when your mind is made up.


Maria Duval - The Fifth Chakra; Neck or Throat Chakra

Now, let me proceed to write about Maria Duval's take on the Fifth Chakra - called Vishuddha or Neck or Throat Chakra. It is situated at throat level, and linked to the thyroid gland, and associated with the element Space or Ether, and with the sense of hearing.

Throat Chakra relates to talking, communication, self expression, creativity, the ability to guide others, and individualisation like developing one's own original characteristics.

Throat Chakra can be said to be like a bridge that links our way of thinking/feeling with our impulses/reactions. It also outwardly expresses the energies/information coming from the other chakras. Through this chakra, we can externalise everything that is going on inside us: our laughter and our tears, our feelings of love and joy or anxiety and anger, our intentions and our desires, our understanding and our perceptions from our inner worlds.

Through Throat Chakra, Maria Duval says it gives us a capacity for inner reflection and to do that, we first need to create some internal detachment.

The throat center allows us to become more and more aware of our own mental and intellectual processes, helping us to see the difference between these and our physical and emotional perceptions. This means that our thoughts are no longer dominated by our feelings or our physical sensations, which would prevent us from gaining objective knowledge.

Maria Duval says that the fifth chakra is associated with the sense of hearing. using this chakra, we can listen to the secret voices of Creation, and we can also hear our own inner voice. We can enter into contact with the spirit animating the voice, to gain inspiration from it.


Maria Duval - Heart Chakra; signs of inharmony

Psychic Maria Duval says that if Heart Chakra is not working well, this can manifest itself in various ways: for example, you may be willing to give, to always be there and attentive to someone, but without engaging your heart. Perhaps without being aware of it, or without admitting it to yourself, you are expecting some kind of gratitude and recognition in exchange for all this love and you are disappointed if your efforts are inadequately rewarded.

Or it could be that although you feel strong and powerful enough to share this strength with other people, you yourself are incapable of accepting love from others, of opening yourself up to someone else enough to receive. So you feel uncomfortable with anything to do with tenderness and gentleness. You might have persuaded often goes hand in hand with a puffed out chest, which is a sign of an internal armour, and protection against luck and suffering.

Maria Duval adds that if heart chakra is not functioning that well, that can easily make you vulnerable and dependent on other people's love and affection. If someone rejects you, you are deeply wounded. You would really like to give your love, but because you are afraid of another rejection, you never seem to find the right opportunity, you always end up being even more convinced of your inadequacies. As soon as someone makes a play for your heart, you tend to hide or withdraw, because you are afraid you will get hurt again.