Maria Duval: How To Manifest Something You Want

The following exercise will teach you how to manifest something you want in the material world. It may be an object, large or small, or a sum of money or an "essence" of an item of desire.

Preparation: Choose something you desire. It’s important that you feel that it is something possible to have, to think about it in positive terms and be determined to obtain it.

Find a time and a place where you can relax and reflect without being disturbed for 10 to 15 minutes. Settle yourself down comfortably, sitting with your back nice and straight so as to allow the energy to circulate freely through your body. Close your eyes and breathe calmly and slowly. Feel how you are becoming calmer, more serene. The calmer and more focused you are, the better the result you will obtain with the magnetisation of whatever it is you want.

Here are the steps to follow:

1 – Close your eyes and think about whatever it is you have chosen to ‘magnetise’. Put as much detail as possible into the object, and embellish it with all the functions and characteristics you want.

2 – Visualise or feel whatever it is that you want, make the representation as realistic as possible. Imagine that object coming into your possession, convey the positive feelings you have as it becomes yours. If you can’t visualise the thing you want, imagine, as vividly as possible, the feelings you would have if it were yours. You could also choose a symbol that represents it and work from the basis of that symbol. Use the image or symbol every time you magnetise or think about the thing that you’ve chosen.

3 – Imagine you have a sort of current of energy running through you. Then imagine a magnetic bobbin spooling a thread starting inside your body, around the height of your navel, spiralling upwards and out. In your mind, start to make the energy circulate, coming from your own power source, through this magnetic thread. Many people represent this energy as something emanating from their soul, or from a higher power we could call the universal spirit, God or the Great One. Choose whichever suits you best as a source of power, and represent the rotation of this spiral in whatever way seems to you to be most natural.

4 – When you start to think about whatever it is you want to magnetise, in your mind, modify the size of your spiral to suit the thing you want to attract. Does it need to be the whole length of your body? Longer or shorter? How much energy needs to pass through the spiral to attract this object to you? Use your imagination and vary the size, form and intensity of the spiral until you get it just right. Do this, and you’ll start to generate a magnetic fi eld around you and attract whatever you desire, just like iron to a magnet.

5 – When you are drawing the object of your desires towards you, consciously select the point where it will enter your energy field. This may be a particular part of your body. You may, for example, imagine a link that runs from your heart, your neck or your mind to the thing you desire and bringing it towards you. You might prefer to imagine this object coming into your hands. Or perhaps you’d rather imagine it spread out all around you. For example, a large sum of money could impact on several areas of your life. When you attract it towards you, you might prefer to imagine it all around you rather than in any one place.

6 – As your spiral unwinds, imagine the things that need to happen before you can have this thing that you want. Before it comes into your possession there will be a whole series of steps you need to take and situations that need to occur. You can determine the speed at which these happen: one per day… or more often? During the manifestation process, start to work on the time framework by building an image of a number of stages that must be passed through or events that must occur. Then, in your imagination, try to speed up or slow down the speed at which these stages pass and these events occur, until you hit on a rhythm that you believe
to be the most appropriate. If you attract the thing or sum of money towards you too quickly you risk feeling tense and pressurised. There is a speed that is appropriate, you just have to find it.

7 – Carry on winding your magnetic spiral until you get to the point where your energy levels reach their limit. You may feel a click or a halting, or you may sense the energy starting to decrease. As soon as you are absolutely certain you are going to get whatever it is you want, stop magnetising. You’ll notice the energy increasing, reaching a peak then starting to fall. Form your magnetic spiral and magnetise for as long as the experience remains pleasant. If it becomes difficult or painful, if you get the impression that you’re coming up against a barrier, stop: you’ve done enough. Take note of the amount of energy you needed to expend to attract your desired object towards you.

8 – Now, come back into yourself and ask your ‘higher self’ (that’s the part of you that is naturally linked to the infinite cosmic intelligence…) to find out the frequency at which you must
magnetise what you have asked for.

9 – Come gently out of this state and stretch. Over the days that follow, listen closely to any intuition that might concern this object and ways of obtaining it.

Thanks Maria Duval.