Maria Duval - How to seek help from your Inner Guide

Clairvoyant Maria Duval has taught me some simple ways to seek your Inner Guide for help when you need something from the Universe. Remember, this Inner Guide is your best friend and it will be with you through thick and thin to help you achieve what you deserve.

Let's imagine that you are in need of a particular amount of money. Note the amount clearly on a little sheet of paper. Stare at this sheet for a few moments intensely. Close your eyes and imagine that you see the amount of money you are asking for.

Feeling totally relaxed, repeat the following phrase in your head:

"Infinite Intelligence, show me a way to Prosperity. Guide me towards the sum of $......., to which I have a divine right. Let this money be beneficial to me and to all those who profit by it and take a share of it."

When you have received this sum by some unexpected means, you will have proof that you are a channel through which Prosperity flows. To increase the flow of Prosperity, use the law of giving and receiving. Give away a portion of this money that you have unexpected acquired.

As you give, say this phrase:

"May this money constantly grow, both the person I'm giving it to, and for me. Infinite Intelligence, I thank you for your help."

Do the same thing for every request. Say:

Infinite Intelligence, I need .... (state what you require). I want to have it now. Please grant it to me, by your grace and perfect means."

If the reply is slow in coming, with faith and trust, repeat your request in this way:

Give me a clear and precise insights. Show me what must I do to receive......".

Then wait with great faith for some clear indications.


Maria Duval - Inner Guide as an Intermediary to the Universe

Maria Duval knows that many of us are honest, intelligent and courageous people who make a decent living to support our families. We just want to improve the quality of life and that's why Maria is always prepared to share with you secrets that have been proven over the centuries. Secrets that will enable you to change the world around you. All Maria wants is you put what you learn from her into practice in life to gain a better living.

Inner Guide is all powerful friend of yours and you can seek its advice for your life. Focus your thoughts on:

"I am at one with the Spirit in me."

"My Inner Guide is always with me, I feel its power surrounding me and protecting me."

"My Inner Guide can help me in all things, and enable me to swiftly make the right decisions."

Be calm, whatever external circumstances you are in, never doubt your Inner Guide. During your period of transformation, it could be that you will still have to face some nasty suprises. there apparent injustices are necessary to unlock the door to better days.

Certain things will have to end, and from there, better ones will begin. The road of prosperity is filled with challenges but it is never completely blocked your vision to see your goals.

It's possible that this road will seem to lead you in the opposite direction to where you want to go. But have faith in your Inner Guide: it knows what is right for you. If you feel you have reached an impasse, do not despair.

To gain more and more from life, begin by establishing your essential needs. If all you want to do is to amass huge amount of wealth to show off your egos, this is a bad focus as there is no need to impress others. There is no merits for this kind of attitude, and your Inner Guide knows about it hence it won't help you to achieve your selfish aims.

Clairvoyant Maria Duval advises to be honest with yourself, and with your Inner Guide. Begin by making a clear and reasonable assessment of your true needs. Like, a better house to live in, a better job, clear debts or better support to the family. It may be good to write down your objectives in paper and these objectives are for the benefit of other people, not yourself, so that law of universe can come into play. The plentiful Universe can meet all the requests you put in, and Inner Guide shall act as the intermediary.


Maria Duval - ally in harmony with the laws of the universe

Maria Duval says that even in the seemingly most hopeless situation, there is always a faint ray of hope despite the huge odds stacked in front. Interesting, it's often when the situation seems to be totally desperate that your Inner Guide gives you the most spectacular demonstration of its awesome power - provided you have the faith in it. It would seem like a complete miracle when it happens.

So remember, your Inner Guide may take the initiative and help you through the voice of your intuition. But you can also actively ask it for help, and it will respond, again through the voice of your intuition.

Strokes of luck can be provoked because the "Law of Series" exists and this has even been scientifically proven. There is in the Universe a force that draws likes together. Unfortunately, this law is often the downfall of common mortals because it is only implemented in a negative way.

If two bad things happen to you one after another, you may say "bad luck always comes in threes." But in saying that, you yourself provoke the arrival of a third problem. An obscure law in fact dictates that you end up attracting the very thing you fear, by thinking about it. This is precisely what most people do, because it's so much easier for the vast majority of humans to fear than to have faith.

Maria Duval asks, what is faith exactly?

Her explanation of faith is that of a voluntary decision to believe in something. Faith therefore demands an effort of will. Provoking strokes of lucks is easily within your reach, as long as you make a deliberate decision to change your attitude to chance. From now on you know that there is really no such thing as pure chance!

People like to use the word "chance" to explain things that minds cannot decipher and understand. Although pure chance may not exist, the Laws of Universe do. There are the Laws that govern the world and control the evolution of the Universe. If you are unaware of these laws, then luck and success seem to escape you and you run into incomprehensible problems that put you in a rage!

But Maria Duval thinks that it's no good raging against these problems. It's much better to ally yourself with these "Laws of the Universe" and work in harmony with them. As you know there's no such thing as pure chance, you will then be able to swing the turn of events in the right direction, ie, the direction that leads to success, happiness and prosperity.


Maria Duval - Question your Inner Guide

Clairvoyant Maria Duval suggest a way to focus on your Inner Guide is to shut yourself away in a place where you won't be disturbed for at least 30 minutes, and away from devices like phones, computers and electronic equipment. A place in the park or garden would be great. Devote some time for deep breathing so that you can be calmer and steadier. Next direct your attention and thoughts towards your "Inner Guide", or use whatever name you have for your personal guide.

Focus intently on the idea that as your Inner Guide is connected to the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe, it always knows the answer to any question, the perfect solution to any problem. Your Inner Guide knows no bounds. It can therefore seek the answers to your problems throughout the Universe.

It can make a direct and immediate appeal to the cosmic memory to help you to solve all your difficulties. This is what explains its tremendous power and can help you so much, provided you know how to tap on it. Have faith in it and treat Inner Guide like your best friend in life.

Remember that every ordeal in life is there to be overcome, and from this process, you learn and gain new experience. If you make no attempt to try and understand why you are encountering a particular problem, you are likely to keep meeting with that problem. So intimately ask your Inner Guide some questions such as:

  • What can I learn from this experience?

  • What message is the Universe sending to me?

  • What must I do to stop heading into these difficulties next time?

  • What are my good and weak points?
Maria Duval states that if you ask yourself such intimate questions, you will convert negative energy of the problem into positive energy. It will be "transferred" to your Inner Guide and channelled into searching for an answer and opportunities that will solve your problem.

So have complete and utmost faith in your powerful Inner Guide which will tell you the solutions. Do not keep it away from you or evade from it.


Maria Duval - Contact with your Inner Guide

Let's continue from where we left yesterday with Maria Duval's guide on "Inner Guide".

As you read through what clairvoyant Maria Duval has said, you would have come to conclusion that your "Inner Guide" can indeed solve all your problems, and when you have put all your problems behind you, you will have a role to play in spreading this knowledge yourself.

Your "Inner Guide" is UNITED with you,
and it is also UNITED with the Infinite Intelligence.

So YOU are UNITED with the Infinite Intelligence.

You have firmly believed that the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe lives in you, as though you were an extension of this Intelligence.

Thanks to this Infinite Intelligence of your "Inner Guide", you are linked to the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe. This means that you can link yourself to everything you want to see materialising in your life, as the Universe holds infinite riches. It might help you to grasp this notion more easily, if you can just imagine that you are linked by an invisible cord to the things you want to appear in your life.

It is most important for you to recognise the "Divine Power" of your "Inner Guide". The reason Maria Duval talks about this so much is that it's a very vital key to your success in life. It's the understanding of this innate principle that will enable you to get rid of your problems and make progress in life as if by magic.

In effect, when you connect in your mind with your "Inner Guide", you are uniting with it so that it can inspire you and protect you. It will guide you by sendig you external or internal signs. And this is what it means by INTUITION.

Psychic Maria Duval regards most of the problems in the life as the result of the fact that our intuition level is not as developed as it should be at. That is why it is imperative that we need to re-establish contact with it to restore orders in your life.

Again, we simply need to get in touch with it, to ask it your questions, and then leave it to express itself in you, through you, so that it brings you the miraculous answers.


Maria Duval - Infinite Intelligence in you

Right, after you have read my previous post, the natural question to ask would be, where can I go to learn more about it?

Let clairvoyant Maria Duval explain it.

Man uses only one tenth of the capacity of the brain or rather, only 10% of the capacity of the Mind. For example, we use our brains mainly for the daily chores like working, eating, enjoying, playing, exercising, studying, thinking and organising.

But, deep inside you, there is the Profound Mind, our "SUPERCONSCIOUS", which has supreme power and ability that allows us to accomplish out-of-this-world feats. However, as you probably know it, only a minority of us know how to fully utilise this immense source of power which is also called our "Inner Guide".

Our Superconscious is simply the Infinite Intelligence that has made you what youa re. It's that Intelligence which created your body from two tiny cells, which multiplied repeatedly to form the baby you were at birth, and eventually, become to adult you are today.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, you see a human made of flesh and skin, and this is the image of yourself which others see in you and vice versa. Maria Duval calls this our EGO.

This is just a little bit of ourselves we can see physically. It is only the tip of the iceberg. We can't see the majority of us which is the Infinite Intelligence that is always resided inside you. Most people even deny its existence! Yet this is what keeps our bodies function! Hence you can rightly regard that this Infinite Intelligence of the superior element of human beings and our creative source of power.

Calling on this Infinite Intelligence in us means calling the Creative Spirit or our Soul. This Intelligence sometimes may manifest when our lives are in danger but it can be called when we need help and it is always there on standby to help us.

Maria Duval states that when the day comes for each human to understanding that we originate from the same source that comes ABOVE different beliefs and religions, this fragile planet will be a much better place with less racists and religious conflicts.