Who Are Live Online Psychics?

Live psychics are those with whom you can interface actively and instantly without having to wait due to prior appointments and emails. Sometimes your questions are too urgent and time sensitive to be postponed. Live psychics respond to your queries through the telephone, video conferencing or online chatting. There are some psychics whose services are available on demand - round the clock. Since online psychics normally charge by minutes, it is always advisable to prepare your questionnaire in advance so as to avoid fumbling for the right words, wasting the time and incurring higher bills not only of the psychic, but also of the telephone service providers.

Some of the important questions that torment a common man nowadays relate to love, career, path of life, business, health and so on. The yearning for love springs ups in every human heart and is a universal problem.

You are unsure of your present partner or are seeking an elusive soul mate. You are restless during day and sleepless during night. The best course is to seek the guidance and divination of an experienced psychic who is equipped with various psychic tools to put you on the right track and fill you with peace and joy.

The second most important problem is related to career. It may be education, employment or business. You are stuck in a boring and monotonous groove. Your genuine potential is under utilized, or you seek fresh pastures. These are very momentous and unnerving decisions which cannot be taken without definite foresight. Your online psychic can help you take an enlightened and positive decision by studying your horoscope and matching your personal traits and zero in upon the most suitable career option.

You may be beset with some intractable health problem, or, find yourself at cross roads in your life path. An expert psychic can help you to reconnect with your true self and realize your dreams of a peaceful, fulfilling, happy and beautiful life.

Know more about your future love life, career and many more. Go online and book for your Live Psychic Reading

Joy and Happiness has been involved in the Psychic World for more than 10 years now. She loves to help people develop their skills and help serve humanity throught he use of her Psychic Abilities, Energy and Powers.


Encounter with an Online Psychic

This was a first for me, but just the other day I had my first online psychic reading, and I have to be honest and say that I was not all that thrilled with what I heard. Sure, the online psychic somehow knew my name and my birthday, and my astrological sign, I guess the psychic had a 1 in 12 shot at that, but I had filling up education page and probably was the source of information.

I gave serious consideration to lying about my information to put the online psychic to the test to see if they actually had a clue as to what he or she (I later found out it was a woman) was talking about, but what I decided to offer my true information. After all, if I had the power to read minds and see the future, I hope waste my time with people that doubted me. Anyone testing me, I would probably allow to go away smugly believing that they exposed me and were quite clever and their own right, and therefore themselves be unable to benefit from the fruits of my awesome power. But on the other hand, if I had if I could see the future and read people's minds I most assuredly would not be giving online psychic readings.

Anyway, the information my online psychic gave to me was all a generic in nature. She said that I sometimes got confused about myself, trying to be an extrovert, and feeling like an extrovert, and at the same time having this introverted side to me too. That type of inner conflict turned out to be a general fame with her during the online psychic reading. She said that there were two sides to me –the one side that I share with everybody that is a gregarious side, and then the other side that I keep for myself.

At first I was actually impressed with that portion of the reading. I mean, I had never told anyone, but I guess that is pretty much the way I'm wired and I've always seemed to have a certain duality to me which seemed at times to be conflicted. To have a complete stranger know this without ever having met me before was pretty startling.

Then the other parts of the online psychic predictions I found to be far less impressive. For instance she told me that I hadn't had the greatest luck with love and fortune, but my luck would soon take a turn for the better I would have all of the friends that I ever wanted. The truth was that I was on a roll lately, and had even fallen in love with a beautiful young lady. Hell, I even got a raise from work, which is why I could afford to pay for a consultation with an online psychic to begin with.


Maria Duval: Fear and Doubts sown in our Mind

The human mind is similar to fertile land where seeds are constantly sown: Ideas, opinions and concepts. You plant a seed, or thought, and it grows - unfortunately the ground often proves very fertile for the seeds of fear.

So you can see that words you speak do have a big influence in your way of thought.

Fear and doubt sown in our mind can create a dramatic succession of events. You just have to look around you to see how someone can become "blocked" by a simple word or phrase and everything they try to say after that is pointless and just makes things worse.

This word or phrase can have significant consequences; spoken at a sensitive point, it can make someone do something or think something that conditions the whole of the rest of their life. We are actually all magicians. With our words we can cast spell on oters, or equally release them.

Words are physical vibratory energy

Continuing from the previous post, Maria Duval adds that when a thought is expressed verbally, its energy is multiplied, and its power is significantly increased.

The meaning of the word is increased by purely physical vibratory energy, even if it is uttered in whisper. These vibrations are just as efficient when expressed in a language that is unknown to us.

Like thoughts, words act not only on man and animals, but also on basic substances, objects and events, and in a very specific way.

It is natural and systematic. When you speak, and regardless of what you say, you have an impact on your entire environment, and, most importantly, on yourself, on both your body and your mind.


Creative Power of the Word

Maria Duval reminds all to pay attention to what we say.


Because your words are the magic key that possess creative power.

This creative power belongs to you by rights. It is a gift given to you directly from God. This truth is clearly written in the Bible in its description of the creation of the Universe: "In the beginning there was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God".

Yes, the word truly enables the expression of your creative power. Your intention is manifested in your words. All of your dreams are expressed through your words.

We are really unaware that word is a source of power and we have been throwing it away for years.

When a thought is expressed verbally, its energy is multiplied, and its power is significantly increased. Spoken words emit as a form of energy and it vibrates the physical level of the world, no matter how loud or soft the words are.


Open yourself up to Wealth

By opening your heart and your mind to wealth, you will construct them from the inside out a feeling of wealth that no one will be able to take away from you.

Tell yourself that achieving financial success is being able to look in the mirror at any time and see a person of value. Never forget that life has shone its divine light on each and every human being.

You can and should reconnect with this amazing heritage of unlimited creativity that exists within you and transform this inner spiritual wealth into external material benefits.

You are here on Earth to lead a full and gratifying existence. True wealth is achieved by a change in mindset that we all need and that we can all achieve without any particular effort, so that our desires can be fulfilled.

Wealth forms part of the personal dreams that you should express.

Four Possible Signs that you are getting Intuitively Better.

Here are some signs in Life which your Inner Guide wishes to tell you that "you are getting warmer":

1. Everything in your life seems to be going in the right direction without you having to struggle. The people around you are friendlier and helpful. Solutions come to you readily when you feel you have a tough time ahead. You are feeling much happier.

2. Things happens just at the right moment. You have chances to help those around you and your life has a new meaning.

3. You come increasing sensitive to smallest details which may be unnoticed by people. You feel lucky and you senses are alert and intuitive. Everything around looks relaxed and rosy.

4. You are attracted to new ideas, you feel drawn to a new path. When you think of it you lose all sense of time. You feel confident and full of drive. Your body feels good, secure, and relaxed.


What to do to make Money circulate freely in your Life?

Following Maria Duval's advice, take a short phrase which can be easily registerd in your subconscious and repeat it many times, just like a hymn or lullaby. Here is one that Maria Duval suggests for you:

"I consciously declare that money is circulating freely and happily in my life and that there is always a divine surplus. Money is flowing freely towards me and I am using it wisely, judiciously, constructively."

Spend five minutes in the morning and five minutes before you go to sleep at night repeating this affirmation; you will see that the idea of prosperity impregnates your subconscious mind.

But be careful to use the present, and avoid words like "I want....", "I would like....". Think as though what you wanted already existed.