Money and Money

Every sane person in this world wishes to make a lot of money in his or her lifetime. Making money is an ongoing process and hence I can safely state this world is powered by money without which, you will be faced with difficulties, dejection and even ridicule. I probably do not have to explain why we need as much money as we can accumulate, however, as the society progresses, you will be faced by even more temptations to use your money. That is also one of the reasons why there is a widening wealth gap.

According to psychic Maria Duval, money is an extremely powerful force which will either help us or crush us. If money is not managed properly, it will bring untold tragedies into a person's life. Which is why money is also magic, because it allows us to do almost anything in this world. It is a status symbol and represents a human's achievement in life, whether from the past, to present or in the future. There is a divine feel of money as you can say.


We have the ability to shape our own lives

To a larger extent, all of us have the ability to change and shape the events of our life. Optimistic, confident thoughts will render an environment of positive waves and, through the guidance of a beneficient psychic being, Maria Duval, attract the happy event which the person yearns for desperately.

On another side, there are also people who always think bad and have no confidence in themselves and such people will project negative waves which will wreak disruption in their already sympathetic life. More glooms and unhappiness result!

So when we think positively, we will have an impact on the quality and quantity of the vibrations emitted by the spirits as what Maria Duval says. As it has a constant, ongoing impact on matter via the astral plane, we also alter the circumstances of our lives for the better.


Everything is material

Everything that you see, you touch, is material, states psychic Maria Duval.

Animate matters (living things) and inanimate matter (non-living things) form the material world. It is accessible to our five senses of sight, touch, hearing, taste and smell.

Matter is animated by vibrations. Here we are dealing with the fundamental cosmic law, which goes: "Matter vibrates under the effect of the energy available to it. Thought (the act of thinking, reflecting, being aware) in human beings is the sign of very special vibrations. These psychic vibrations, this state of energy, constitute the spirit, the human being's soul.

Every material body possesses a spirit which emits vibrations, "energy forms", outwardly. Where human beings are concerned they emit "thought forms" that can transform or modify other material bodies (like alchemy) and influence situations of existence, depending on their energy potency.


Stop nurturing thoughts of fear

Those who continually nurture thoughts of fear end up by giving rise to such a phenomenon of amplification that they can be affected by obsession and mental disorders, sometimes going so far as persecution mania or neurosis.

Psychic Maria Duval says you should avoid using those words and phrases that are negative in style even thought your intention is positive, like avoid using "not bad" which is negative in style.

Do you know that poverty and wealth correspond to very special vibratory states of thought. Let Maria Duval tell you a short story demonstrating this.

One of Maria Duval clients who ran a business had great difficulty in making enough number of sales per week. She was always complaining and she was convinced that nothing could change her life unless it meant she sold even less!

After going through Maria Duval's psychic guidance which changes her state of thoughts gradually so that she is ready to receive the benefits of prosperity.

Months passed and her thought became positive and she can sense there are solutions to her problems. From here, she modified on her way of working, made decisive actions and soon, favourable events materialised. This led to higher number of sales which is nearly 10 times her previous figures.

From this short story, one can see the as long as the thought is negative, we can never see the true potential of our life. The more you think positively and constructively, you will advance towards wealth.

In conclusion, as long as you fail to believe deeply in your own prosperity, you won't be prosperous, whereas the positive thoughts of peace, love, trust, success will enable you to attain constructive and achievements for both you and people around you.


Everything is ready if the mind is ready

Psychic Maria Duval states that everything is ready is the mind is ready.

If you think, "I'll definitely complete my project on time", then your subconscious will produce the astral forms necessary for the realisation of your wish. If you think I'm going to have enough money to buy myself a car", your subconscious will produce the circumstances auspicious for the successful implementation of your belief.

It will attract like a magnet, the events and people that will make it possible. Hitherto unknown opportunities will not fail to turn up; the resources enabling your wish to be granted will appear.

It is quite obvious that this creative force of thought operates in both directions: for the best and the worst.

Hence the need to control one's thoughts. Unfortunately far too many people use thought in a very harmful way; their fears, terrors and worries often give rise to complications and unfavourable events.


Thought is like seed that germinates

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Psychic Maria Duval requests that you give some thoughts to this comment: Each of your thought is like a seed that germinates, grows, gets bigger, develops into a tree and bears fruits.

Fruit is invariably produced from a seed. Each type of fruit corresponds to a specific type of seed. Therefore we must not be surprised if, when we plant a negative thought, it produces a negative event.

Selecting and sorting out your thoughts are necessary if you wish to bring about benefits in your life.

Maria Duval says, for example, you think:I can't make any friends", your subconscious registers your thought, which reinforces your belief in your inability to make friends. The inevitable consequence will always be that you won't have friends, unless you change your state of thinking. Then, a very large number of things will be possible to you.

The same is true in any and every field: love, money, health, luck, work and etc.


Creative strength of thoughts

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Psychic Maria Duval can assure you that if you had not doubted the creative strength of your thought up to this very day, if you had believed that is has power, you would have succeeded in many things in your life and you would have probably even achieved the happiness in life you are looking for.

If up till now you are still unaware of the importance of your thoughts and submitted to your fate without understanding the reasons for your failures, set your mind at rest. From now on, if you learn from Maria Duval's teachings, you will understand the essence of thinking in a positive direction.

As a general rule, it is not desirable to give free rein to negative thoughts, for, sooner or later, they end up resulting in dire consequences. Some people naturally think positively, without realising the benefits from the creative power of constructive thoughts. These people are very clearly favoured by the Providence.

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