Seeing through the eyes of the mind

Visualisation is actually a very easy technique. Most of us are visualising unknowingly when we go through over every day life. Through the imaginative power of our brain, we paint vivid mental images in our mind, and when you do it, you are exploiting a natural resource of the brain and a spiritual gift of the human beings.

So, to visualise is to project virtual images in your head. That is easy to us I guess. We do that all the time, like visualising about our future, our lovers, our nemesis and our aspirations. These mental images are latent in form, meaning exist in a probable state before taking actual form. The images could turn out real or not real. Therefore, Maria Duval says visualising is sighting through the eyes of the mind.



Mental images or visualisation is very ancient skill. Since very early times, humans had come to understand its great power through visualisation and its effects can bring to people. For example, during magical ceremonies, spiritual masters used the creation of "mental images" to enhance the level of occult activities.

It was then a frequent practice, the result of a very long and patient observation of the laws of the universe and the mechanisms of nature.

Maria Duval gives an example of the observation of nature teaches us that any animal that is incapable of defending themselves becomes the prey of a stronger species. Same here for mankind. We need to learn to "awaken" spiritually. In this respect, we are responsible for our evolution ans survival.

So through this visualisation, there is a precious spiritual tool that puts us in contact with the divine nature.


Get those bad thoughts off your mind

We all have thoughts and emotions so it is very often that out of the blue, our minds wander to a certain topic that is nothing in particular to what you are doing now, and often these are not nice thoughts. It may come back to haunt you and grip you and make you start to worry about things and life.

So that's where are good mind control comes in to purge these bad thoughts off your mind and giving you a fresh outlook in life once again.

It's especially useful if you can use the "creative visualisation" technique you learn from Maria Duval as it is very efficient to help you keep your mind clear and positive.


Show perseverance

By repetition there is a powerful conditioning going on at mental level. Somehow a state of mind is evolving, one that changes from negative to more positive. This means there is a new reality and one that you wish to become.

maria duval perseverance
So at astral level, you are gradually inducing your own form of success and development, as what psychic Maria Duval regards. Write your position affirmations on a piece of paper and carry it around whenever you go in your pocket, wallet or bag. In this way you can read it as and when require.

Essentially, it's all about perseverance. Success comes from determination and perseverance.

Using positive affirmations

Yesterday I mentioned about positive affirmations, and today, I'll briefly explain based on what I learn from Maria Duval about how to apply it. It's easy but you need to be consistent, just like any other tasks. Repeat it over and over again until it works.

Say them as many times as you can during the day, mentally when there are people around, or say it loud when you realise you are alone. That makes sense, as you don't want people to think you are suffering from mental illness!

Allow them to "echo" in your heart so that the meaning really sinks in. Just like you are digesting the food you have eaten. Do it well and it will recharge you with a fresh burst of spiritual energy thus keeping you peaceful, determined and positive.

Do it during shower, or you are on a long trip with a lot of time to spare. Better still, affirm it during your meditation sessions. That will have an even better effect I guess. You can also write on a piece of paper and hang it on your wall so that it reminds you of your determination all the time. Be creative..

Once you have done that consistently, the message will be ingrained in your brain and you will automatically switch to the mode that you are yearning for. You'll also realise it will improve your life tremendously.


My simple positive affirmations

maria duval beautiful plainsA couple of my favourite positive affirmations I have been mentally reciting all these while:

"I'm entitled to a lot of money. Whatever amount I spend on, multiples of it will come back to me. I also give out of kindness because the more I give out, the more I'll receive".

Of course, this does not mean I spend indiscriminately beyond my means. Self control is still very important.

"I radiate thoughts of peace, joy towards to the world, like a radiant sun diffusing its heat and light freely".

And I give thanks as much as I can and express gratitude whenever I go, for the good food, the little things in life that make you feel blessed.