Multiply your intuition

Clairvoyant psychic Maria Duval says that by practising visualisation regularly you will multiply your intuition and creative abilities. Through it, you are going to bring about numerous circumstances in your life that will be as lucky as they are unexpected.

Great creators like artists, painters, scientists, inventors, composers and even sportsmen visualise regularly, or they are born with a gift to visualise and materialise their mental pictures to perfection.

If use well, visualisation that draws on the imagination, fantasy, creativity and inventiveness can accomplish miracles. There will have increased intuitive acumen and sets up a clear, uncluttered form of communications between you and your subconsciousness, in a universal language. Mostly important, Maria Duval regards visualisation as a positive programming of our subconsciousness.


Vibrating matters

From clairvoyant psychic Maria Duval point of view and other esoteric and occults, the body of the man is made up of vibrating matters that vibrate at certain frequencies. This gives it a visible and tangible appearance. The vibrating matters are actually condensed luminous energy. Our body can be said to be a container for spiritual light, for the divine spirit, which can then experience incarnate life.

Maria Duval says to experience life comes down to remembering its divine origin, reappearing its cosmic forces, rediscovering the magic resources that lie dormant deep within you.


Virtual images

Do you know that those virtual images in your mind are filled with light, meaning energy? This means through this energy, the mental images have enough properties essential to turn out to be real. They could take shape and materialise in daily life.

In other words, the universal cosmic energy intensifies and creates in the material world the vision contained in the virtual image. This process therefore contains all the secret art of visualisation, which is long held high regard by the ancient human intelligence.