Maria Duval on Fear

Maria Duval writes that the emotion of fear is useful, and also indispensable. It allows you to be on your guard, catapults your senses and intensifies your awareness. She suggests to treat fear as your friend who may act as a radar for you that picks up on everything and guides you on your journey through life.

It is the basic instinct of human survival, on the physical, mental and spiritual level. It is vital to have a very acute sense of what can constitute a threat to your well-being. Sensitive, well-adjusted antenna indicate any form of danger, enabling you to identify the threats as they occur and to deal with them.

But the danger signals emitted by fear are suffocated if you have developed a form of behaviour designed to deny or suppress this emotion. By not paying attention to these particular signals of fear, this energy is dispersed and transformed into a general paranoia, a sort of ever present "chronic mistrust".

This is the reason Maria Duval says why people are subconsciously transfixed by fear. They are as it was afraid of fear, which prevents them transforming it into positive energy.

Suddenly, there fear is everywhere. Like fear of retrenchment, fear of losing loved ones, fear of death. Some people even fear of success, being too happy, fear of the truth, and all kinds of mind boggling phobias you can imagine of.

Have you ever noticed how unexpressed fear grips you at the throat, neck, lower back, shoulders, stiffen your jaws, furrows the brow and locks the knees?

Maria Duval says various parts of the body bear the mark of fear. But we are so used to it that we are not paying attention the messages that have been conveyed. This blinds our vital energy and affects our positive emotions.

There is no need to be fearful. Instead give your inherent fears the attention they deserve and allow them to express themselves as and when they occur. In this way, Maria Duval believes energy can be released in a right manner.