Maria Duval - The Repetition of Mantras

Creative Visualisation is a source of energy that is invisible but nevertheless very powerful. It is based on the remarkable powers and the force of the subconscious mind or the Unconscious. It uses mental and visual energy like thoughts, images, dreams and affirmations.

Maria Duval says that there is a magic practice based on the same elements, but which uses the energy of the word and sound: The repetition of Mantras. The term "Mantra" literally means "means of thought" and comes from the Sanskrit language, the ancient Hindu language spoken by the masters of the magic arts.

Maria Duval - The Repetition of MantrasIf you are not aware of it, sound vibrations of the spoken words have a certain level of power and energy, which can have an impact on the physical body.

Mantra works through the subconscious intention, and the repetition of these syllables acting in harmony with the cosmic energy contained in the ether, which is a very subtle fluid found in human beings and the whole universe.

Maria Duval explains that repeating a Mantra creates cerebral vibrations which have the potential to reverberate on the astral plane and the resulting accumulation of the energy can be projected throughout the ether, in order to obtain the desired result.


Visualisation for Success

Firstly, Maria Duval concurs that if you passionately want to get out of a bad financial phase, have some room to breath, make the most of life, have more money to enjoy and spend on those close to you, set in motion your travel and study projects, buy a new car or live in a bigger house, taste the happiness of a prosperous life, spread the benefits around you, all you need to do is project onto your screen - the screen of your closed eyelids - a mental image of the current situation, then induce in your imagination the positive changes that you want to happen first in your life.

Visualise on your mental screen, what you would like to happen. At the time when you imagine it, you should feel as if you have already obtained it.

Maria Duval - Visualisation for Success
Maria Duval wants me to carry on working on your visualisation exercise for 6 consecutive days. Repetition is essential. In fact, the subconscious mind is similar to a young unruly child who needs to be told to do things several times before he actually does it.

Replay the film in your mind, several times a day, preferably in the morning and in the evening before you go to bed. Never interrupt your visualisation on the basis of rational and so called reasonable objections. Work with determination on the realisation of one objective only at a time. By remaining focused on this same objective, you will be more efficient.

Lastly, Maria Duval reminds, remember that everything the mind conceives, it can obtain.