The Lunar Phenomenon and how Maria Duval can help

Lunar energy, meaning the energy from our Moon, is a source of great powers! The Moon has a considerable influence over our surroundings, our lifes and major events. It is very hard for us to dissociate the Moon from our lifes however, only certain types of professionals are able to attain more refined and penetrative readings of the powers of the Moon. People like psychics, astrologers, painters, writers, witches for example. Normal people seem to be devoid of such powers.

Since medieval age, people from all over the world have been attempting to decipher the secrets and mysteries of the Moon because it is very obvious that Moon has significant influences in our lifes, for example, women's menstrual cycles, higher birth rate during full moon, growth of plants and vegetation, the movement of the tides and variations in climate. There are so many traits exhibited by tribes, insects and animals during full moon period as observed.

Common people who wish to benefit from the extraordinary powers of the Moon can now seek the help of Maria Duval and she will reveal to you through her Confidential and Secret Instructions that contain age old formula to tap the hidden powers of the Moon.

One very important point to note is that the power attained by you through the Instructions shall not be used for selfish reasons but its positive energy shall be used to do good around you as according to the Cosmic Law of "It is by giving generously that we receive in abundance". If you understand this universal law and put into practice, the doors of wealth and success will open wide for you.


Maria Duval's guide: Monday 1 Till Thursday 25 January 2007 and from Monday 18 June till Sunday 25 November 2007

Throughout the whole of this period, I will have the opportunity of profitably analysing the innermost depths of my being. I will find the reasons for all the obscurest characteristics and reactions of my personality. New knowledge will bring me a chance to make positive changes in my way of life.

I will also seek harmony between all of my values and my actions. And I will be more emotional and more sensitive, which will improve my social relationships: all of my plans will hinge on a total renewal of my existence.

A brief translation of the Maria Duval's Russian interview

I happened to talk this friend of mine who knows Russian on MSN to check out how he has been doing recently. I requested him to help me to do a translation of the Maria Duval interview and he agreed. Therefore I point him to the link at the blog for the video.

Pavel also told me he had heard of Maria Duval and commented that she was quite a controversial character. I replied that psychics are often misunderstood because of the nature of their works, for example, Sylvia Browne and Uri Geller, but why I trust Maria Duval is because she has really helped me positively and many other people as far as I know of.

Here is a brief translation of the interview:

Maria Duval said it was a great pleasure to come to Russian because she had some friends in Moscow who invited her to stay there so she came to visit them. She predicted Russia would have some problems in the next few years to come but she believed that three years from now (the interview was conducted in 2000 I think), Russia will emerge victorious from the troubles and it takes about three years of effort and sacrifice to reach a satisfactory standard of living.

For the part about tarot reading, she said it was the tarot of effort but it was the tarot of effort that would pay off and so Russia would not have a very easy year. However, there was light at the end of the tunnel.


I felt good! Thanks Maria Duval

I have been feeling very good, both physically and mentally. I think it has something to do with the psychic guidance of Maria Duval has on me last couple of months. My boy friend has been wondering why because last time I used to be act like an incredible sulk when I am faced with pressures.

I feel I have achieved something in life, something that is fulfilling and easier to get along with in many ways. Thank you Maria Duval so much for your valuable help.

My best wishes to you for the Christmas seasons and a Happy New Year. I pray that in 2007, you will continue to bring significant benefits to many poor souls to this unrelenting world. I give my best wishes to Maria Duval too.


Maria Duval's guide: Monday 1 Till Wednesday 24 January 2007

This period is likely to bring me a kind of liberation - a feeling that a larger field of action is spread out in front of me, and I am able to do exactly as I please. My thoughts will turn to vast humanitarian, social and philosophical issues. My mind will tend to open up and giving me a clearer and fuller understanding of the major problems of the century. Being broad-minded and tolerant, inspired by the noble ideas of fraternity and solidarity, I will reject anything that is dogmatic, rigid and arbitrary.

Most importantly in my financial front, the period might bring me sudden prosperity, unexpected gains but also a broader scope thanks to the helpful intervention of influential gains. Some useful connections may be established with people of foreign nationality, or perhaps during my travels abroad.


Embedded Maria Duval Interview

I have embedded the video to my blog for easier access.

A thought

From Maria Duval's personal guide, it is said that the period ahead is destined to open my eyes to new horizons, to give me freedom of thought, an inner liberty, or at least some new ideas on life. In fact I will be passing through a phase in my existence where, more than ever before, I will have the opportunity to increase my awareness and enrich my perception of the world as long as I can keep my mind open and free of assumptions or fixed beliefs.

However if I subscribe to a particular school of thought, then change is likely to frighten me and I will be reluctant to take new forms of understanding on board. I will not be frightened by chances and I want to learn new knowledge that's why that change will be a factor of evolution. After that, I will see lights with my creative talent. I wish Maria Duval the best!

Maria Duval's period of forecasts for me

Maria Duval says at this time I should enjoy renewed energy and vitality associated with a very good capacity for recharging my batteries which will enable me to get back to my feet quickly if I have suffered setbacks with my health recently. I am very pleased to hear this because as you know, my health is not very good all along although it has been improving and I would like my health to be a good conditions so that I can achieve my dreams without any worries.

Also, I can reply on this boost of energy to achieve my ambitions but take care not to over react as I might be pushed to object or even rebel against any situation or individual who brings about a strained climate and a strong reaction among my friends.

Maria Duval also advises me that I would be wise at this moment to concentrate on my life objectives but without using my energy and power to dominate others.