Prosperous with our inner guide and meditation

Clairvoyant Maria Duval trusts that you with your Inner Being to guide you in life, you will no longer have to lead a life like a blundering soul knocking aimlessly at the doors of the house of ignorant shadows. You can live a life of purpose and clarity with full confidence in the knowledge that this is a meaningful life. Your friends around you will look at your life a bright guiding light and take yours as an example for their life.

To do that, you need to hold the keys which open the doors to the paradise that is within you as what Maria Duval says. So do not wait anymore, come and look for the keys that are within you. It is totally up to you as a person to claim the immense prosperity the Divine is planning for you.

Psychic Maria Duval also suggests twenty minutes of meditation each day as meditation is very beneficial to our personal evolution and to your success in life than all the physical energies we have in our entire existence.

Meditation is more than a way to calm down and relax. Maria Duval teaches that since the dawn of time of the spiritual age, it has been established by the experiences of those who have meditated that meditation brings us closer to our inner self and elevate our souls higher to the divine plane.


Master of your own Destiny

The voice of the wisdom comes deep from your core which houses the temple of the infinite wisdom and intelligence of the cosmos, says psychic Maria Duval. This is what you should come and meditate regularly to gain strength, life, power and inspiration you need to enable you to achieve your objectives.

Do not worry if you can't seem to hear this tiny voice. Maria Duval says this is very normal as it as been so suppressed, whether by ignorance or by mistake, that you cannot recognise it from amongst the different frequencies of "sounds" and thoughts around you at any time. But through a lot of practice, this voice may well suddenly find an effective way of speaking to you, just when you are asking for its assistance.

Maria Duval adds that for those who are not yet familiar with the metaphysical principles of success always make the mistakes of trying to solve problems solely through reasoning powers and are despondent to find successes hard to come by. In the end they know more problems in their minds than they have in the beginning.

So, asks clairvoyant Maria Duval, will you finally dare to liberate the only unfailing force that can lead you towards true happiness and make you the absolute Master of your own destiny?


Listen to your Inner Self and receive more prosperity

Psychic Maria Duval says that your inner self is a treasure. It is a part of the divine Intelligence and Soul. You can trust no more around but you have to trust your own inner self because that is your best friend in difficult times. Similarly trust your Inner Self when it comes to fostering prosperity and wealth in your life. It is a Master who gives you an added dimension.

Each time you find yourself in conflict or in competition with someone or some others, or you are about to undertake something important, Psychic Maria Duval shares that we should seek our Inner Self for help and inspiration so that it can guide you to a best solution favourably.

Since we rely so much on our left brain and its logical mental reasonings, we have lost most of our sensitiveness to our Inner Self. Maria Duval thinks that's a tragedy. Our normal reasoning is comes from the human level, but Inner Self gives you a level from the divine plane and this is just like your personal magic wand. One suggestion is to turn in more to your right brain because that's the place where you can hon your intuition which is closely linked to your Inner Self.

"Listen to the voice of wisdom!"


Opening the floodgates of riches through strong faith

Clairvoyant Maria Duval quotes that Jesus was able to heal sick people who had an unshakable confidence in him. Blind people regained their sight, and cripples regained the use of their limbs. And Jesus said after the healing that "it was your faith that saved you!" Of course Jesus had divine powers but there had to be openness of mind and heart which brought forth the spiritual faith in the healing process.

So the point here is there has to be complete and impregnable faith in yourself if you were to achieve what you want in life and bring "miracles" to your own life. Clairvoyant Maria Duval says to develop such strong level of faith in yourself you would need to behave as if you are already possessing the object or situation of your desires. One such way to develop strong faith is the use of psychological power of repeated affirmations and phrases and visualisation techniques to image scenes of abundance in your mind.

So if you fill your mind each day with appropriate words and images you will attract various opportunities relating to your desires. Maria Duval states that if you desire money keep repeating and saying to yourself that money is there for you. Of course, you would need to put in the right action without which it is just pure day dreaming. Visualise you own abundant riches and your riches are growing and through which you will gain more faith and confidence in yourself. It's like opening the flood gates that had been stemming the flow of the precious, invaluable resources that are contained within you.