Prayers Give Us Hope

Every object in the Universe vibrates constantly. How drastic is the vibration gives us the state of the object, whether in solid, liquid or gaseous. With this vibration, there is energy. Hence objects are made up of energy. and this energy is given out when the object vibrates. Since living things like us are also made up from specks of molecules and atoms, we are also vibrating constantly and giving out energy at the same time. The energy we give out is spreads out and into the Universe, usually within the terrestrial sphere.

These vibrations transmit and carry our thoughts, words and actions across the space. They influence our immediate surroundings. Which is why many spiritual teachers say that if we harbor negative thoughts about a person, that person could be influenced by our negative thoughts, and thus causing problems in life for him or her, at some stage of time in the future,

Which is this reason why we always advise people to think and spread positive thoughts so as to benefit the world to make it a more compassionate place. Through these positive thought emissions, we are indirectly helping to improve and nurture the world!

Furthermore, since the entire Universe is governed by the Law of Action and Reaction, meaning each action exerted will receive an equal amount of reaction in certain form, we are sooner or later affected by everything we think, say and do.

That is the reason why we people pray. Prayers give us hope and send out positive thought energy to the Universe, and we know that something good will return to us in life as what we have requested in the prayers. Prayers also suppress negative thoughts and attract positive energy that helps us to lead a peaceful and harmonious life with the surrounding.

Mere T. is a spiritual researcher, blogger, conservationist and freelance writer. She has benefited a lot from the guidance of psychic and clairvoyant Maria Duval in the topic of spirituality. She lives in New Zealand with her family and she enjoys the serenity of her country as it helps her to build up on her spiritual bonding with the environment. Visit Maria Duval blogs at Maria Duval and Maria Duval, clairvoyant, medium, astrologer.


Reduce stress through Meditation

One of the best ways to overcome your daily living stress is meditation. Basically, it quietens your mind and improves your spiritual link to your inner soul.

Do you think stress is directed connected to the state of your health? I think the answer is very obvious as repeated medical researches have shown that stress has many negative effects in your health if it were kept uncontrolled.

When I talk to people that I meditate to reduce my stress, a common response is that "Ah, that's really a long process which I cannot endure", or "I thought only monks do that?"

These are just myths. Meditation does not require you to spend one hour everyday. Sometimes as short as just three to five minutes is sufficiently beneficial. Maria Duval adds that a twenty minutes of meditation daily can be as good as having a good night of sleep..So meditation is particularly good for those who suffer from insomnia or sleep disorders.

Maria Duval says there are many ways to meditate. It does not have to be sitting still in a quiet room. For example, when you are cleaning or doing the dishes, practice taking deep slow breathes and quieting your mind. Just practice being in the present moment and clearing all thoughts from your mind.

Sometimes, it can be as simple as taking a nice stroll in a scenic lake side park or at a relaxing beach. The main purpose is to calm down your mind, being in the moment and being gratitude for your existence in this beautiful planet. Then of course, there is the standard form of meditation in which you sit on the floor, or on a cushion or a mat and cross your legs...

As you practice more, the longer you will be able to meditate. A great intention for yourself, is to build up to at least twenty minutes of meditation. When you are meditating, you can have very relaxing music on or have complete silence. Sometimes music will help someone relax more, for others they find it distracting. Try both and see what works best for you.

So what shall you meditate on?

Again, Maria Duval teaches it could be on manifesting on something that you desire, or you can just focus on inner silence, or a combination of both. The inner silence is very important as it reduces stress in our lives and to completely silence our mind completely. In the end, we feel with are intimately connected to the Higher Being and spiritually we become a better person.

In conclusion, meditation transcends all forms of religions and is a proven spiritual way to manage stress through slowing down your pace and quieten your mind. You will be amazed at how well you will feel after that short meditation!


Develop That Strong Sense of Service To Achieve Success, Happiness And Good Karma

If we apply the Law of Karma to the world of business, being of service, cordial, enthusiastic, positive and hardwork will generate unexpected good results at anytime of your entrepreneurial adventure. Results in the form of more profits, wider and responsive network, or meeting a successful mentor to guide you through. In essence, there has to be a strong sense of service.

Here is an example of Law of Karma in business from clairvoyant reader and psychic medium Maria Duval which has mentored me.

In any town, you can compare the highly successful shopkeepers with their competitors who are not doing that well and struggling to stay afloat in this very competitive world. The prosperous owner knows that success depends on high standards of service: a skillful selected variety of goods; highly qualified staff; a pleasant atmosphere in which the customer feels welcome and valued; products which are refresh, finest quality and innovative. This is the kind of service he likes to receive himself, and therefore gives to his own customers.

However, one man's gain is another man's loss. The competitor who is down the corner of the street while in the urgency to deal more businesses does not realize that his belief in cutting costs to save budget has already made the whole issue even worser. He could be using materials of lesser quality but charge at higher prices, practising dishonest acts, or adopt that intimidating way to force businesses from his customers. Soon, in a desperate bit to save his business, he makes the situation even graver than before.

That is why those who make money at the expense of others will expose themselves to the terrible "boomerang effect" known as the return of karma which will make them at certain stage of their life to return they money they have earned through unscrupulous means and possibly several folds the amount that they have gained in the first place.

Successful businessmen all have a common trait, that is they understand the market needs and the needs of his customers. Clients are treasures to them and they must be treated very well, like empathizing them by putting them in own shoes or making them happy. In any line, if there is charity, sharing, service and warmth rendered unbiased, you are basically helping yourself to realize your dream.

Giving is a necessary if you wish to receive. If you do not know how to receive, you do not know how to give. Clairvoyant reader Maria Duval and philosophy gurus all agree that giving and receiving are two main aspects of the flow of the Cosmic Energy.

And this does not only apply to material things. Knowing how to graciously receive a compliment and reciprocate allows respect, courtesy and admiration to foster thus weakening the impoverished state of mind. We need to show our appreciation to those who help you without reserve.

I wish you all the best in your life.


Self confidence and what it means to our life

So what is self confidence?

Maria Duval acknowledges that self confidence is the ability to know a person's inner truth, and through it, value and trust this truth with the outcome of living it joyfully and peacefully.

Well, do you think you are this kind of person?

Yes, I must say a big congratulations to you, otherwise, then whose live are you living? Get back to the path and Maria Duval can help you to understand where and how you got pushed off to the grass patch and how you can take back your life!

From the time we were born, we are into a "conditioned" reality which makes us forget who we actually are, and what is our mission in life. This goes in a harmful chain reaction and we think we are undeserving for the best in life or unworth of what is good for us. As young kids, in order to get love and warmth from the parents, we display traits so that we will get more love, or to be taken care of.

Is this the truth of life, and how does it feel like to have suppressed this in born desire?

Maria Duval says as you reflect on, you may somehow connect with the feelings that you have struggled with most part of your adult life, like feelings of dissatisfaction, unworthiness, betrayal, selfishness and lack of achievement. This all comes from the lack of a sense of purpose in life!

I don't think that will feel good. The good thing is you recognise this frustration in life which means that you know and appreciate the lies you have been living in. What makes it more interesting is that these early conditioning still remain inside you having their enduring effects!

In other words, your life and more life energy have been set to flow in directions that don't really benefit you. So, how is this all feel to you?

Feel free to comment on this..