Everything that you need to be become rich is already within you

Yes, everyone can have a chance to become rich. If you look around, you are no different from those wealthy people physically. So what is holding you back is the "millionaire mentality" which is found in wealthy people who make up the minority of this world. However, you too have this mentality, just that you need to "externalise" it.

Assets such as physical beauty, luck and even the use of magic can favour the arrival of fortune. But you can be sure that without the right frame mind, it's almost impossible to attract money into your life.

So clairvoyant Maria Duval says that the important thing to your path to prosperity is that you need to cultivate that "millionaire's mentality" and show a more positive attitude towards money which is a powerful source of flowing energy.

Properly channeled and in harmony with the creative laws of the Universe, the power of your thoughts really can trigger success, giving you to everything you want in life.

If you take a closer look, haven't you observed that most successful people are positive, determined people with the strength of character, and energised strongly by the infathomable power of the mind?

Whatever your personal circumstances, your life is no more and no less than the fruits of your "thoughts" planted int the garden of your past. Everyone who turns to be rich is because they firmly believe in the constructive powers of their positive thoughts.


Giving and Receiving

It is important that we know about the cosmic energy which obeys that law of Polarity. In other words, it turns around an axis of "giving and receiving". So in general, know how to receive is just as important as knowing how to give. Receiving something with grace is an expression of the dignity of giving. People who don't know how to receive are actually incapable of giving. Giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin as you can see and deduce. They are two aspects of the universal cosmic energy at work.

Giving and receiving are also not limited to material things. If you can be gracious about a compliment, or somebody's admiration or respect, the implicitly means you are capable of complimenting, admiring or respecting others. An absence of respect, courtesy or admiration actually creates a state of poverty whatever the state of your finances!

So Maria Duval says, open your heart and your mind, practice receiving. Give those around you the chance to give and you will see that they are happy to do so. The way you give will improve, in return.

And as what Maria continues, by distributing a small part of what you earn, or by offering your services, you will open up a beneficial channel for attracting money and good things.

The more you give, there is more space of vacuum created that will draw back even more than you have given - and this is what we call the Law of Providence,"The more you give the more you shall receive".


Know where you want to go

Previously I talked about having the right mentality which is so vital to one's overall pursue to be successful and prosperous. Yes, if you have such mindset now, I shall have to be happy for you as you are already very different from the rest of the people out there.

Now, imagine you are driving a car with no destination. You just drive straight down the road, turn left or right at anytime without idea where you want to go. Isn't that very wasteful on the time and the resources? This is exactly the same here in life.

So, what is exactly need as the next step is "There has to be a clearly defined goal which is like a destination of where you like to reach in life!" Okay, say you want to be rich and successful, but have you thought in what form it will take? How do you visualize it to be? The Universe can give you what you want in life, but you need to tell it what you want and need exactly. To be prosperous you need to give your life direction by clearing defining its course. In addition, please set yourself doable TIME FRAME.

Clairvoyant Maria Duval also advises we not to embark on too many goals at one time as that will cause spilt attention of your resources. Attempt on one goal at a time until you reach it, then you jump on to the next one. Of course, do be flexible at all times. Errors are bound to occur, so learn from errors, readjust and continue from where you left.

So at the end of this post, I'll leave you with this powerful phrase for you to repeat and affirm it as many times in a day as possible. Conquer your subconscious for what you want it to be!

"Each day, I am closer to being rich."


Does success depend on luck?

It is very common to link one's success to luck. There are even people who believe that luck is only inherent in a few privileged individuals, like those successful businessmen, big lottery winners or the one guy who marries the prettiest girl around. However, Maria Duval's experience shows that this is a ill-conceived notion out of sheer jealousy for one's amazing success.

Well, the first thing to understand is that all the factors of success and properity are already found in you! It is up to you to "activate" these strong hidden and dormant potential, that is why we have this phrase "the sleeping giant awakes" used to describe a man back with a vengeance.

Your own thoughts regulate and harmonize with the laws of the Universe and once matched, it can really bring you prosperity in your life.

Have you ever studied all those successful people who all have one thing in common, that is, they are full of vitality and positivity. They generate supreme confidence and most importantly, they have tremendous amount of mind power that brings them through the most difficult hours in their life.

So for you to be successful, the first step is to cultivate such mental attitude. You need to plant the right type of "seeds" in your mind today and take good care to nurture this growing seed so that it grows into a healthy tree some day. Then you go on to create more trees so that they form a beautiful garden of verve, confidence and creativity in your mind.

All those who have become prosperous have their own beautiful garden in their minds. They exercise and believe in the beneficial power of positive thinking. Psychic Maria Duval says this is the first step to achieving wealth, glory and success in your life.


Come into my life, dear wealth

The second concept to understand for attracting more wealth in your life is, we must open ourselves up to wealth which may be looking for ways to come into our life. When your heart and mind are tuned to wealth, you are contructing a feeling of wealth that no one can take it away from you forever.

To me, achieving financial success is looking yourself into the mirror at any time and there is a person of real value to the society standing there full of confidence. And never forget that life has shone its divine light on each and every human being.

Maria Duval says we are all here on this Earth to lead a full and gratifying existence. True wealth is achieved by a change in mindset that we all need and that we can all achieve without any effects.


Money is good

The secret of wealth is not really a secret in my own view. There are really a lot of resources about wealth secrets everywhere, in library, bookshops and internet. "Think and grow rich" and "Rich dad poor dad" are two classic books about this topic. Since those ancient times, humans were already fascinated with the dream of creating more wealth and there are a lot of search and investigations done by the occultists in the spiritual world about wealth creation thing. So there are actually some broad rules to practise if you are to bring more wealth to your life.

One of the most important concepts is really very simple. Love money if you want money to fall in love with you. It may sound too simple. Yes but many are doing that in their daily actions. Subconsciously, they are rejecting money. Treat money as something good and sacred, not something evil that brings harm to the world. Stop saying "money is the root of all evils" now! STOP IT!

Maria Duval says we ought to have the attitude that makes us love money without any misguided sense of shame. Do not criticise it.


Forsake the past

There is a real need to separate yourself from the past and this is very important in understand yourself better spiritually. Forsake those old deeply ingrained agreements and beliefs you have set upon yourself. Replace them with your fresh new positive thoughts and this is like a clear stream of water washing away the dirty remnants of a squalid drain.

To phrase it in an even worser way, living in the past is similar to being half alive and leads to self pity, suffering and tears. You won't even wish to appreciate what's happening in the present because you will be thinking that the present is something it is not.

Everyone is born with the divine right to achieve happiness, love and wealth. So do not hold back the life that is expressed in you, because it is a divine gift. Honour who you are and let each of your thoughts, your emotions and feelings become a ritual of love.