Maria Duval - The Vibrating Universe

Our Universe is always vibrating and is endless. From physics, we learn that atoms and molecules are always vibrating, even into sub atomic level, like electrons and protons. Scientists learn that each atom - the building block of the Universe, has immense energy, hence everything in the Universe is part of an immensely expansive unified field of energy and intelligence. These basic building blocks are what made us.

Maria Duval refers it as the only unique source of energy Maria Duval - The Vibrating Universeand it is the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe which is the beginning of all things existing and every creation of the Universe.

As mentioned, we human beings, are bits of pieces of this huge and unregulated intelligence field. This intelligence and the energy that goes round inside us are similar to the power that rules the Universe.

Everything results in an unique whole to which we are all connected. This means in terms of divine spiritual magic we repeat that "everything is one".

Matters like money or luxurious material things and humans are just energies that takes another form and this is determined by the rate of the vibrations. And this is exactly the reason why we can attract money, as due to these vibrations, we are in fact inter-connected!

Also, modern scientific studies have revealed that each particle is a form of energy vibration called "wave function". This is what ancient sages have been knowing all these passed centuries. It is this that makes our physical bodies tick, our hearts beat, bloods circulate, all without us having to know how it works.

Mere T is a spiritual researcher, blogger, conservationist and freelance writer. She has benefited a lot from the guidance of psychic Maria Duval in the topic of spirituality. She lives in New Zealand with her family and she enjoys the serenity of her country as it helps her to build up on her spiritual bonding with the environment. Her Maria Duval blog is Maria Duval.

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Maria Duval - Power of Chakras

First of all, itʼs important to remember that the Universe is pure energy: everything in the universe is made of energy and it is this energy that creates the shapes and essence of what we call ʻrealityʼ.

This energy, which consists in a single, immense ocean of vibrations, is embodied in a myriad of forms of existence and links them together: a rock, a wave, a flower, an ant, a shirt in your wardrobe, or you yourself.

Life, then, is made of one, single ʻraw materialʼ, in a constant state of flux, which comes into being to flourish and transform. Everything is, in fact, interconnected and forms one single thing. By using the chakras, this omnipresent and inexhaustible universal cosmic energy can be used to fulfil our needs.

Mankindʼs vital energy system was designed to allow us to express the divine part we all possess. Because Man, made in the image of his Creator, inherited the power to himself and become the creator of his own destiny!

The term chakra refers to an esoteric tradition that dates back several thousand years: that of the Rishis, the sages of Ancient India. Through strict asceticism and the unfailingly rigorous practice of meditation and Yoga, these great Initiates succeeded in penetrating the “veil of appearance” and the great mysteries of the Universe.

Their extraordinary psychic powers granted them access to the secrets of the Cosmos. In particular, they were able to influence the universal cosmic energy according to their desire, and this meant that they could perform a number of amazing feats, such as travelling mentally through time and space, commanding natural forces (wind, rain, storms, harvests, etc.), attracting luck and fortune, future divination and mastering the arcane secrets of destiny.

Highly versed in the occult sciences, the source of the greater part of their magic powers was their knowledge of the chakras, the seven vital energy centres present in every human being.


Maria Duval - Our Aura and Luck

The Law of Destiny states that human beings are ʻlinkedʼ naturally to Providence and all its benefits, at the exact level of the Aura.

That means when one's aura is weak, luck will tend to remain beyond one's reach, regardless of the means to achieve it. Maria Duval states clearly that for those of us who have little or no luck it is simply the case that their Aura, which regulates and governs the major centres of Life and, more specifically, their personal luck, is ʻimbalancedʼ or not functioning properly.

Itʼs important to remember it is possible to have a balanced aura that radiates vitality.

Maria Duval writes that our aura is certainly a deeply enigmatic concept Maria Duval - Our Aura and Luckwhich has always had an impact on mankindʼs consciousness. Depicted symbolically as a golden ring around the head of Christ, the Saints and sometimes the Angels in classical art.

Even those who have an interest in esotericism in general tend to know little about auras. There is a lot of misinformation and trivialisation of the phenomenon, to the point of the simplification and distortion of the facts.

The aura is all too often explained in a misleading, generalised fashion, merely mentioning the meaning of the colours, while it is, in fact, a complex phenomenon and as unique as the individual that is its source.

In fact, it is only through gaining insight into subtle anatomy that human beings can understand the phenomenon of the aura in sufficient detail.

The Aura in fact forms part of our vital energetic system, which also includes the Chakras, the Nadis and the Subtle Bodies. All these elements are interdependent, and closely linked to each other.


Maria Duval - Luck and Chance

It's a fact that people often compare their lot in life to that of someone more successful and come to the conclusion that “they have no luck”. I wonder why is this so? Is it in our human nature?

I feel this is a particularly depressing thought, and all the more so, since thisMaria Duval - Luck and Chance
person will believe some people are more "favourable" to luck, and succeed in life thanks to some influence from external "forces" that are mysterious...

Not to be disheartened, Maria Duval believes that everyone has luck in one area or other: that's the: Law of Destiny.

Unfortunately, many people, not understanding how this Law works, allow their lucky star to pass them by, without making the most of it. Luck is the opposite of random chance, the other side of the coin.

Maria Duval says all you have to do to have luck is to want luck, because by virtue of an infallible Cosmic Law, as soon as you ardently desire something, from the moment you start to take action to obtain it, luck will smile on you.

From that moment on, luck will conspire to surround you with the situations and elements you need to obtain the result you desire. Chance, on the other hand, is about waiting with your arms folded, for things to work their own way out; that may happen, or it may not. But, if you want to make a project happen, whatever its nature, you should remember that as soon as you set to work on it, luck will necessarily and inevitably provide you with the conditions, the opportunities and the elements you need for it to be successful.

Luck is Providence at the services of the Divine Work of Creation, of all

Maria Duval states that there are many different ways of approaching the problem of luck. She advises to turn to Astrology or Magic (wearing a Talisman, for example) and practising spiritual self improvement. Yes, there is indeed room
for many remedies and methods, some more powerful and efficient than others,
depending on the situation.

All this is perfectly appropriate and correct.

Be lucky always!