Positive thought manifestations

Hope you are doing great!

Thoughts are invisible actions and thoughts will leave invisible spiritual traces behind and these traces of come back to manifest themselves in the future. That is why I agree with Maria Duval that everyone of us should have positive thoughts no matter how adverse the situation might be.

So one of these days, you will harvest the fruits of your thoughts. What you are doing or experiencing now could be the fruits you have harvested from your past thoughts. It is really that logical. Even your predecessors' past thoughts may still influence you today. So do not neglect its influence in your life. These past thoughts will manifest on you when they resonate with your own vibratory spiritual frequency.

It is not good if that happens as many of times, these are negative influences which you do not want to pick up.

Therefore, Maria Duval says it is subconscious thoughts that are the most dangerous because it is hard to stop them manifesting in the material world. What we really seek for are the positive manifestations that improve us.


Good attracts good

There is this concept of duality, of both sides of the spiritual spectrum. For example, the good and the evil, rich and the poor, or, healthy and the weak.

Sometime you may wonder why you are suddenly affected by a spate of unlucky or negative events that stop you from achieving what you wish to do.

As mentioned previously, it could be due to the karma effect working on you and it is coming back to haunt you unless you have freed yourself from the past negative traces.

Why do this bad energy there?

Psychic Maria Duval explains, for an energy to come into contact with you, first of all, the spiritual side of you could be emanating some resonance of the same nature which attracts that energy. This resonance has to be there first in the form of a past event, representation, thought pattern, attitude or experience, and it will make contact with that energy. If you are positive, the attracted energy will be good, while negative attracts negative energy.

That means good attracts good, while bad attracts bad.

Which is also why you always observe the rich people are always attracting more riches and money. They attract influential people to form networks that help one and another to attract more wealth to them. And a drug addict can attract another another addict out of the blue when there seems to have very little in behavioural similarity between them.

In conclusion, Maria Duval stresses, you attract and reinforce what you are!


Karma and your future

Today I'm going to talk a bit on karma which is a big topic in the spirituality world. Karma is a Buddhist concept in origin and its meaning has spread to virtually every nation. Nearly everyone knowns what is karma, even those who are non-Buddhists.

Karma is all about what you think and plan to do. The buzzword here is "intention". If you have intention to do something, that action will create a karma trace in your sub-conscious mind. Maria Duval says this is related to the law of cause and effect which is the basic groundwork of what karma is. The supreme spiritual enlightenment comes when a person has broken free from the cycle of karma.

So base on what I said above, it is easy to imply that to find out more about your future, take a detailed look at what you do NOW. Also, examine your conscience and allow your heart and intuition to speak for they are your real confidante about your self. Listen to them and you can build a positive future by breaking the negative links of your past.


Happiness and Suffering

A good friend me of mine recently asked me, "Why do I have to go through so much suffering in life?" She is an optimist and I can see that she is just trying to be jovial when she asked that, but when I thought of it later on, I came to realise that many people around are always asking this question to themselves. And that includes me.

Psychic Maria Duval says, suffering seems to plague nearly every man. That's true, if not, there won't be Buddhism or religions which want to help mankind to get better spiritually. Don't you know that we come into the world, our first reaction is to cry. Isn't that setting the tone for the rest of our life?

In addition, the way we were being brought up has a strong direct impact on how our behaviour will be and how we perceive the world to be. What we perceive will give us life experiences, yet, these are often experiences of suffering rather than blissful happiness.

Why is that so?

The answer is simple. Maria Duval states that there is a price to pay and this is a price that few of us actually want to pay. Man seeks above all pleasures and possessions, whereas the path to happiness is more of detachment and values which just cannot fix into our perception of life and society. This teaching has been validated by great masters such as Buddha ever since the dawn of his life.


Time is the Essence of life

Most of us trade time for money, that is commonly known as "working". So the majority of us find money via this method. I shouldn't say this is the right way or wrong way as there are people who earn a lot of money through working and are highly successful in their working careers.

Some people who are really lucky can make money by playing lottery and number games. These are the people are who blessed and probably have a way with the laws of the universe.

If you are working for money, you will find that you are running against time to earn more money to support this ever demanding lifestyle. Everyone is the same here, each have 24 hours to spend per day. That means time is really the master of your life.

Furthermore, top scientists are can't squeeze out extra minutes from the laws of science and the wealthiest person alive can't buy extra time with his wealth. Therefore Maria Duval states that time is the raw material of life.

And there are lot of people spending their precious time rushing here and there trying to "straighten" their lives but never get anywhere.


Cultivate a mind that loves money

As Maria Duval has repeatedly said many times before, love money if you want it to love you in return. We need to cultivate a mind that loves money. Beware though, making money at the expense of other people should not be the way you interpret this statement.

Tune your mind and will to the frequency that resonates with the energy of money. You can learn more from Maria Duval in this topic, but the general rule is that, love money unashamedly, and it will love you. Never ever criticise its power or nature. There is no such thing as "unpure" or "dirty" money. Money can only be made "unpure" by perverse minds.

The main reason why some people are rich while the majority are poor is because the poorer people do not give themselves proper credit when it comes to the concept of money.


Money should be regarded as a tool

As Money is a form of energy, it is up to us to control how to use it, how to optimise and maximise it. How we view and tap on its power will give money its true character. Our mind and will can make money good or bad depending on the situation.

Sometimes money does not do what we anticipate and we find we have limited control over it at times. We also never know what to expect from it.

Money only becomes a real power when our mind has decided how and where to use it. The money we possess has great power that pans the concept of time. If there is no link between our desires and how money can fulfil these desires, it is not possible to give money concrete form.

All of this goes to show that money should be regarded as a tool and we should control it rather than be controlled it. Using our minds, we have a way to make it work how and when you want to.