Maria Duval - The Seventh Chakra; Crown Chakra

Finally I've come to the psychic Maria Duval's explanation for the highest and last chakra of human bodies. It is the Seventh Chakra, commonly knowns as Sahasrara or Crown Chakra. Sometimes this chakra is also known as the "Lotus of a Thousand Petals". The chakra is situated on top of the head, at fontanelle level. It is linked to the pineal gland, and associated with the element Ether and with LIGHT.

The Crown Chakra represents Knowledge of the divine element that exists inside us, our own personal truth. It relates to our system of beliefs, vision of spirituality, wisdom (knowledge of the Universe), spiritual path and pure and magical intuition.

Maria Duval says that the Crown Chakra is situated outside space and time. It links is to the Divine Spirit. This is where we are at home, feeling perfectly confident and secure. It's the place where our personal energy field can merge with the universal energy field. Previously we understood in an intellectual and then intuitive way, but here we reach the level of perfect comprehension.

So Maria Duval concludes that when the seventh chakra opens, the final blockages hindering the functioning of the other six chakras are also cleared, and their energies can vibrate at full capacity.


Maria Duval - Brow Chakra; Signs of inharmonious functioning

Clairvoyant Maria Duval says that inharmonious functioning normally leads to a swollen head meaning that the person is living almost entirely through their intellect and their reason. But in wanting to solve everything through their mind, they only accept the realities conveyed to them by rational thought. Such people are very likely to have highly developed intellectual faculties and to be endowed with a capacity for detailed analysis. However they lack a broad, global vision and the ability to fit everything into a wide cosmic context.

It's not unusual for such people to display intellectual arrogance, states Maria Duval. They only acknowledge factors that can be grasped by the mind and verified using scientific methods. They reject spiritual knowledge because it is not scientific, not real. They tend to try to influence people and things using the force of the mind, to demonstrate power or to satisfy personal egoistic needs.

So in general, an attitude like this coincides with an unbalanced Solar Plexus Chakra and a poorly developed Heart Chakra. If in spite of a few blockages, the Third Eye is relatively open, such actions are always possible, but they are definitely not in harmony with the natural flow of life. The individual feels isolated, and in the long run, doesn't gain the expected satisfaction.

Maria Duval sums that that if the flow of energies is stopped at the Brow Chakra, the reality in which people live is no longer that of the visible outside world. Their lives become entirely dominated by material desires, physical needs and irrational emotions. Discussions of a spiritual nature seems tedious and pointless. They reject spiritual realities because they believe they are just products of the imagination or empty and absurd fantasies with no practical connection. Their thoughts tend to agree with prevailing opinions. They can fall into a profound nihilism which stems from their failure to realise their grand ideas and aspirations. They always get themselves into this situation and it's the not world or other people who are the blame.