Why people are miserable

All things are energy and Maria Duval says thoughts are energy that you create, what you create will come into existence. In other words, what you think about will come into your reality. What you ask for you will receive.

So here is why so many people are miserable. They talk about how bad things are, so since they have thought it, externalised it by talking about it, concentrated on it; it has come into their reality. Thus giving them proof that things are bad. So they talk about it more, and they get more. These people are not aware of the law of attraction yet they still affected by it.


Visualising with Conviction

Visualising is something you see in your head, says Maria Duval, then bring it to your mind. I think this is more then a straightforward meaning. In deeper understanding, when we visualise, we have a thought form in our mind. This is a form of energy. The more energy someone invests in creating that thought form, the stronger and more powerful it becomes.

To achieve good thought form, you must empty your mind, as Maria Duval states. Then you got to banish all unwanted thoughts, and achieve a state of total relaxation and calmness. This means you need to get those 'unwanted' thoughts away and relax before you can achieve the results you want. Practise when conviction, with your soul, faith and belief to make it happen.


Psychic Ability and Spirituality

A person having psychic power is just having an ability to communicate with energies that is above the ‘normal’ realm of the physical reality. For example like reading future events, past events, spiritual knowledge and channeling the ‘dead’. The term ‘psychic’ has become an umbrella term to encompass many skills and abilities that are considered paranormal or metaphysical. To expand on this all of these skills can really be classed under ‘communication.’

It makes the topic of spirituality far clearer when we understand that ‘spirituality’ is really a communication with spirit. It always has been and probably always will. The various definitions of ‘spirit’ change from religion to religion and belief to belief, but the essence is the same. It is about communication with spirit. The most accurate communication is always going to be direct communication. It is the same with any verbal communication with another person. Being there and doing the actual speaking is always going to be more accurate than second hand information. This is where psychic ability comes in.

Psychic ability allows us to see deeply beyond words and concepts to the source. In shapes, scents, sounds and forms these weaves of energy expand and deepen, leading us through their paths and removing us through our own. The channel that is formed becomes stronger and clearer than the organic body we live in could ever be. This becomes our conduit to the spirit, our connection and our communication. It is here that we come to see spirit with our own eyes, hear spirit with our own ears and feel spirit with our own heart.


Universal Energy, Time and Money

Universal Energy fills everywhere, from your surrounding to the stars in outer space.

This Energy, the source of all life, is present at each level of Creation, from the macrocosm to the mircocosm: galaxies, solar systems, planets, living organisms (plants, animals and humans), the cells which make up a living organism, molecules, atoms and electrons.

Time runs in a cyclical fashion, because the Earth turns on itself (day/night) and around the Sun (seasons).

Any vital process, with its different stages (birth/growth/death) ~ rebirth/growth/death) is governed by the cycle of time, whatever level it is on. There is therefore a close link between time and the Creative Energy.

This means that any person operating in harmony with the cycle of time has the ability to understake the right action at the right time and so his initiatives are "automatically" fuelled and supported by the Universal Energy.

In short, he will see his projects or tasks being accomplished easily and efficiently in due course.


Maria Duval - Time is the raw material of life

Where does the money we possess come from? It comes mainly from work, whether it's of a manual or intellectual nature. Money comes from your luck too. Most people in to work to earn a living, whatever aptitudes, skills or talents they use to do so.

This means that everyone is obliged to manage their time. This is true regardless of social milieu, expertise, level of intelligence and the methods (legal or not) used to make money. Well, what Maria Duval really means is that time governs everybody's lifes.

Scientists cannot create extra minutes, and even the most powerful people in the world cannot exchange their wealth or power for a moment longer as they lie on the deathbed. All over the world, earning a living means exchanging some of your time for something needful like money, clothes or food.

In short, the time is the raw material of life. Lots of people spend their time rushing around 'arranging' their lives but never get anywhere.

That is because people are too preoccupied with things they can't do, instead of concentrating on things which are accessible to them. When they behave in this way, they seldom find themselves in the right place at the right time, and so luck and success remain elusive.

Here is a secret Maria Duval like to share. There's a time for everything, and you must pick your moment rather than leaving things for chance.


Money - Energy, Force and Symbol

Today I shall discuss about Maria Duval's take on the concept of Money. Money is what people everywhere is looking for. Our greatest desire is to make it come to us, all the time, and then use it, generally to improve our lives. Money makes the world go round, isn't it true? Sometimes money can 'betray' us, instead of improving our lives, it can make our lives in chaos or worry in one wrong move.

Money is a powerful force or energy that can save us or destroy u, allow us to flourish in prosperity or ruin our hopes, split our families. Money is magic as it allows us to do almost everything that we want. It is a great universal symbol, and it represents human history, past, present and future. It can be divine or destructive.

It's our mind that gives money its true character, says Maria Duval. Money, as a power of symbol, becomes powerful when our mind has decided how and where to use it. The money we possess has great power over the present or the immediate future. This is an important point: this money represents the 'means of implementation' of our desires. If there is no link between our desires and their fulfilment, it is is not possible to give them concrete form.

All this goes to show that money should be regarded as a tool, a means Using our minds, we have a way to make it work how and when we want to.

In conclusion, Maria says, it's your will and your mind which will make money what it is. Without it, it's just a figure or a piece of paper.


As the society progresses, there are more and more things that we want, from holiday packages, gadgets, knowledge and of course more money. Everyone wants to be rich and able to buy the latest products advertised in our face. However, how many of us are really truly happy about life? We may have the wealth and knowledge but are we really happy? Are splashing the riches on the latest gimmicks able to buy us happiness? So, what exactly is happiness? I'll stay away from Maria Duval for a while and write my view about that.

For me there are many definition of 'Happiness'. Happiness may mean the truest form of 'good' feelings and it makes you smile, feel unladen mentally (or momentarily) and all these without being instructed or passed down by others. It's the true form of emotion that comes from your spiritual within. I won't deny that optimistic people usually happier than pessimistic people and that's why it's important you remain optimistic.

However, it depends on your expectations and past experiences. Generally, if something really good happens to us or we achieved our goals, we are happy, or people are loved or connected to close friends, families or relationships.

Moreover, happiness is relative. We have a choice to be happy and the decision depends on us. For me, begin happy is about doing things that I like, without the need to care about anything about surviving and free from the worries of being tied down financially.